Ilya Yabbarov looking for bailiffs for non-payment of alimony

Илью Яббарова разыскивают приставы за неуплату алиментов Participant reality show “House-2” appeared in the center of the scandal. Over a long period of time Ilya Yabbarov refused to allocate money for the maintenance of the daughter Vladislava. Young man restricted exit from the territory of Russia.
Илью Яббарова разыскивают приставы за неуплату алиментов

32-year-old member of the reality show “Dom-2” Ilya Yabbarov was at the center of the scandal. A young man suspected of willful failure to pay child support. The message that one of the participants of telestroke evading its responsibility for the maintenance of her child, appeared on the official site of management of Federal bailiff service for the Saratov region.

Allegedly Yabbarov owes more than 100 thousand rubles. Over a long period of time the matinee idol did not appear at registration in the Saratov region. Due to the fact that the whereabouts of Ilias has not been established, he was declared wanted. In addition, Jabbarova limited travel outside Russia.

“Despite the fact that in respect of the debtor born in 1985 repeatedly apply all measures provided by law enforcement, the citizen is still regularly trying to evade responsibility for the contents of their child. Previously, bailiffs were sent to the registration authorities and credit institutions to establish property and financial situation of the debtor, but the cash was not property registered for the debtor on the property right of the absent”, – reported in a press-service of regional management FSSP.

The bailiffs failed to establish that Yabbarov not residing at the place of permanent residence. Currently Ilya is in the TV project “Dom-2” and looking for love. “This information was confirmed by the mother of the debtor”, – said the representatives of the Executive power.

To establish an official place of work of Elijah, the TNT and the project “Dom-2” sent official requests. Ushers are asked to provide information about income Jabbarova during the period of his participation in the project.

Initially, the news that one of the stars of telestroke owes child support, was not called the name of the debtor. However, many fans of the reality show came to the conclusion that we are talking about Ilya, which have problems with the law. A source in law enforcement told RIA Novosti that the investigation announced Jabbarova.

We will remind that Ilya was born 18 August 1985 in Saratov region. The first chanson singer came to the “House-2” in April 2015. Further Yabbarov several times left the perimeter, and then back. It is known that Ilya needs the alimony to his ex-wife, whom he divorced more than four years ago. Woman married the daughter of Vladislav.Ilya Yabbarov publicly apologized to the daughter