Илья Яббаров сорвал собственную свадьбу The marriage of a star “Houses-2” and his lady Olga Zharikova now in question. The wedding may not take place because young people are unable to submit documents for registration to the Registrar.

The participants of the TV project “Dom-2” Ilya Yabbarov and Olga Zharikova decided to get married. They had not met for a long time, not recognized each other eternal love and not even announced, as is customary in the draft, coming out as a couple. The relationship of young people was formed recently under the initiative of the girl.

We will remind, Ilya Yabbarov – one of the “Oldies” on the project three years ago, he was the guy Olga Rapunzel, but the relationship did not work out. The last time Yabbarov tried to build a relationship with another girl – the youngest of the sisters Rapunzel – 21-year-old Alena Savkina. But on the horizon appeared an active participant Olga Zharikova, which despite the fact that Elijah was busy, still showed to the young man increased interest. Yabbarov could not resist nastoichivy courtship. The young man decided to take this party to zag. However, their visit was not a success – Yabbarov and Zharikova did not apply for marriage registration. This was the fault of the bridegroom who has forgotten the evidence of termination of previous marriage.

“I asked how serious it can be regarded as an offer, and he answered: “Yes.” I went to the registry office happy, crying from happiness to have achieved that. Come and speak to us about the documents. Since he was married, he lacked a certificate of dissolution of marriage. You could, of course, apply now, and a copy would be sent in a month. Either option was that his mother sent the testimony, she got it,” – said Zharikov.

For Elijah Jabbarova this marriage would be a second – to participate in the project, he was married to the girl Christine, and they have a daughter Vladislava.

Olga was upset, and Ilya, and all the relatives on both sides, apparently, are happy this turn of events, because others are against this hasty Union. “His mother, my was against it. Because of this, I had a fight with my mom. She said that I was leaving the project or parted with Elijah. Still not communicate with her. Why she gave me such a difficult choice?” – said Olga Zharikova Dom2Life.ru.