Илья Яббаров попался на измене беременной невесте
Some time ago the pregnant participant of the home country Alain telestroke Rapunzel found out about the betrayal of her fiance and the father of the unborn child of Elijah Jabbarova.

Илья Яббаров попался на измене беременной невесте

After that Alena was in the hospital, but until the end and did not believe in the infidelity of the beloved. The former participant of the reality show Daria Senkova revealed the truth about what Ilya for a long time was cheating on Allen.

Илья Яббаров попался на измене беременной невесте

“The family Rapunzel sided with Elijah, as he felt that the bread freestuff goes out of their hands. If you break up – the story is finished and the fence. I got what I wanted – Ilya did, but I did not understand what was in his life.

I don’t want to be deceived and so I told Alena. Yabbarov I quickly unlocked when he learned the whole rigmarole and invented stories, they say I’m a dreamer. Yes, Ilya, you and I are not a couple. I’m not making excuses, I call simply the truth. And Yabbarov just beautifully said and I, like many, love the ears and fell for his tricks, I regret now. Man thinks narrowly and only project. He doesn’t need a child and Alena,” admitted Daria.

Although Ilya maybe not against this scandal, because he repeatedly declared that is ready on all for the sake of popularity.

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