Илья Яббаров обвинил беременную Алену Рапунцель в измене Recently former participant of “House-2” said that it was cheating on Ilya Yabbarov his pregnant fiancee. As evidence Darya Senkova published intimate correspondence with the character of the reality show. After the scandalous statement of Alain Rapunzel got to the hospital.
Илья Яббаров обвинил беременную Алену Рапунцель в измене

Serious passions raging in the failed family Alena Rapunzel and Ilya Yabbarov — for several weeks, a pregnant girl trying to survive the betrayal of a loved one. However, the participant “House-2”, apparently, the attention of the viewers. Instead try to resolve the conflict with the sweetheart, the man and then adds fuel to the fire.

So, during Calvary announced that Junior Rapunzel was the wrong groom. Offensive charge finally crippled the future mother — in hysterics Alain fell to the ground. “You accused me of cheating?” she shouted in tears, then tried to pounce with fists on the offender.

To reassure the girl, who was not in forces to cope with emotions, has neither mother nor sister nor Olga Buzova.

We will remind, the former participant of “House-2” Daria Senkova admitted that Yabbarov for a long time cheated on her with his pregnant girlfriend. As evidence Dasha has provided correspondence to the hero of the perimeter, which left no doubt. “The family Rapunzel sided with Elijah, as he felt that the bread freestuff goes out of their hands. If you break up – the story is finished and the fence. I got what I wanted — Ilya did, but I did not understand what was in his life,” admitted Daria.

After learning the dirty truth about the groom, Allen was urgently hospitalized. And, by the way, this is not the only case when a pregnant woman enters the hospital. “I’m afraid the project will not be able to bear a healthy baby. Alena and Rapunzel is now in the hospital under droppers more often seen than in the Meadow”, – said the participant of the TV project was Given Nikolenko, who is also in an interesting position.

Ilya himself has admitted that he is ready to accept even the most scandalous reputation only for the fact that it was often the viewers. By the way, this is not the first conflict, the main character of which is Ilya. Earlier this year it became known that for a long time he had not paid alimony of the daughter of Vladislav. Moreover, Yabbarov doubted that the girl was born from it.