Ilya Sobolev: “Humor and family — that’s all I do!”

Илья Соболев: «Юмор и семья — больше я ничего не делаю!»
Resident of Comedy Club told how his jokes are changing people’s lives.

Илья Соболев: «Юмор и семья — больше я ничего не делаю!»

Ilya Sobolev

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

On February 18 ТНТ4 the Prime Minister immediately
two new Comedy shows. In a Selfie comedians travel the world and joke about
popular cities, as in “Roasting” the popular joke on stars in their…
presence. Live ТНТ4 will be only one show, what they will decide
the audience of the channel in a social network “Vkontakte”. Resident of Comedy Club and host of “Doneness”
Ilya Sobolev told us how “Rare” is a revolutionary format
Russian television and in some cases hard jokes can be useful.

Илья Соболев: «Юмор и семья — больше я ничего не делаю!»

Olga Buzova and Ilya Sobolev

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Comedy Club, performances
in the genre of stand-up, YouTube channel, now “Rare”. As
you always have time, without losing quality?

A very long time
try to pay for humour, almost all free. And the rest for family. And
all the more do nothing.

As it turns out in a day? In
another form of rehearsal, writing jokes…

During periods when
preparations for the Comedy Club,
about one o’clock to ten o’clock I’m doing a trio of “Ivanov, Smirnov,
Sobolev”. Then from eleven to two in the morning and a little in the morning— time for other

It is not surprising that with such a schedule you
managed to try almost all Comedy genres. What do you think about the show “Selfie”
—your rival in the “Battle for ether” on ТНТ4?

It’s cool
show, but I wouldn’t have to get involved. For me the efficiency of this format is minimal.
Just hang out, have fun, spend time on walks and rides,
but in the end not even have time to realize as a comedian.

In what format would you like to work with?

I haven’t shot funny
clips. Want to YouTube
to make some musical viral video. As, for example, Daniel Cross.
I understand that he is not a musician, but doing fun stuff.

Once you’ve studied music, even
recorded a few tracks. So, plan on coming back to music?

purely for the sake of maintaining the YouTube channel. And the last experience… Well, I tried to write songs, even went
somewhere on the road. One of the concerts was in Ukhta, in a place like this
acted. Was a shame! I realized that I not the musician and took off.

There’s a stereotype that comic life has
serious people. This applies to you?

Yes, I am not
laughing all day. Not quite a sociopath, but in everyday life, more are in
himself, not sprayed on some extra stuff.

Daughters somehow fun?

The eldest already knows something. Sometimes, you force her to say something, and she rejoices
because people, it’s fun. When you see me on TV, not even
surprised. Daddy on the screen — it’s natural.

You have an engineering degree. You’re already in
the time of study knew that I would go a completely different direction?

Already knew when
started in high school to play in the WHC. The education I have been so conditional, so as not
to go into the army. But in that moment something wholly learned, even if not
subject, of life. There are different stories were at the time in the city (Ilya ROS
in Krasnoyarsk). Maybe it’s good, I can’t yet assess.

In fact, the show is “Cooking” consists of
small stand-up performances. When did you start your comic career, this
genre in Russia in General was almost unknown. What has changed now and what
the prospect of him in the future?

I remember the most
first try to do stand-up in Russia. Comedians, which were not included in the projects,
began to develop in this genre. And then started “ubojica” (participants of the show
“Lethal League”) — Pavel Vinogradov, Roman Klyachkin, Slava Komissarenko, Kostya
Pushkin and me. It was 6 years ago, even White haven’t read stand-up Comedy. Then we
looked at the Western comic books, something even copied it, but already knew that
it is an endless story. Over the past five years stand-we have a very strong
developed. Don’t even know is good or bad. The popularity of the genre was dispersed with
by TNT, but many comedians out of this TV no popularity
match. So people are sometimes disappointed when you come and see
bad stand-up. They don’t understand what this joke a long time to be not
funny to “muscle” you have.

The frame of the program “Cooking”

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Why, in your opinion, has it taken so
a lot of time to stand-up took root in Russia?

This is probably
connected with the Soviet regime. At that time, if you had one, it was considered
upstart. To do independent work for a long time afraid, and
sites were not.

With colleagues at the humor suit each other

I did
“Rare” even before we started filming the show. We have in the Petersburg office Comedy Club was in the corporate format
party, and I mean everyone, who was there, came up with funny things.

Someone was offended by your jokes?

Yes, three years ago
there was such a case. One girl in the audience had big thighs, and I
a rather cruel joke on her completeness. She was very offended! But then she me
said that from the moment he looked at himself on the other hand, lost weight,
found the guy, and now she is actually really good. For her, this stress was

The irony is congenital or acquired

Probably congenital,
but as adults we can convince yourself that is too beautiful not
allow to laugh at yourself. In childhood all self-ironic! Themselves looked
in the mirror and were able to laugh a large belly or other features.

Who do you personally want to see in “Roasting”?

We thought
to call Timothy. And fun to “fry” would be the Pasha Will. The main thing is to
none of them offended. We joke not to offend, and noticed
things that really happened to a person.

The difference between the Russian “Roasting” from
similar to the Western format?

I think cultural
education. There was an attempt on the First channel to do such a show, but it was
“toothless”. We tried not to step on the same rake, but leave the vulgarity is not
wanted. In the West, school of Comedy, in principle, much stronger than us. We
jokes come up with because of their abilities and the Russian mentality. But our
the experience till 5 years, and they have 60, so their “feints” in humor more

Why is the audience ТНТ4 in the project “Fight for air”
should choose “Rare”?

We promote
revolutionary new humor on television. Nobody’s kidding! We have
example — Pasha Volya 10 years ago. He joked about stars so that he was called
the bold and the brave. Now stopped doing it, but that doesn’t mean that the genre has outlived
myself, this is just it escalated. And “Roasting” came from us! There are many similar
formats on YouTube
living parties, but so boldly make fun of popular stars in their presence
allowed only to us. And somewhere in the alley, and on the Federal TV channel with
90 million viewers!