Ilya Reznik tries to forget the betrayal of his own mother

Илья Резник пытается забыть предательство собственной матери The famous songwriter still in its 79 years crying, thinking about the difficult childhood. Ilya Reznik was raised by grandparents because their own mother, marrying a second time, refused to son.
Илья Резник пытается забыть предательство собственной матери

Ilya Reznik was born before the war in Leningrad, spent a whole year in the siege of the city survived the evacuation to the Urals. His father died in 1944 and her mother got married a second time in two years. Poet, which this year celebrates its anniversary, still has trouble remembering that period of my life. “Mother got married in 1946. She gave birth to triplets: Faith, Marina and Vova. But I don’t want to talk about this person”, – says Ilya Reznik. New husband of his mother put a condition – either a new family, where they had three children, or “old” son. Ilya Reznik was six years old. Abandoned boy legally adopted grandparents on the paternal side. Reznik still carries the patronymic of his grandfather. By the way, grandma and grandpa for Reznik are not blood relatives, they were foster parents and his dad.

First mom and her new family lived nearby. So sometimes Ilya saw them, and she crossed to the other side of the street. This was told by the spouse of Irina Reznik in the programme “When all the houses” on “Russia 1”. The poet himself could not hold back tears.

Илья Резник пытается забыть предательство собственной матери“This story and me hard. Ilya with the friend came back from school. It was a Sunny day. Boys – good mood. And suddenly he saw his mother with a nanny and a stroller, which lay in triplets. Ilya was delighted: finally, mother! And she saw him, abruptly switched to the other side,” – said Irina Reznik.

Soon mother Resnick together with a new family moved to Riga for a long time and relatives do not see. Much later, when Elijah became a famous poet, he began to help his mother, sisters and brother. Said that he could forgive. “My sisters and brother, they are good. Such a funny, noisy. We talked, I helped them as I could. They also had a difficult childhood with such a father.”

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