Ilya Reznik has won half a million rubles

Илья Резник выиграл полмиллиона рублей Lawyers of the organization protecting the copyright of the poet and composer, defended his interests in court. According to lawyers, Ilya Reznik, the defendant yet has made no attempt to negotiate with them about the payment of money.
Илья Резник выиграл полмиллиона рублей

Journalists report that Ilya Reznik was awarded the amount of $ 566 thousand rubles. Funds sought for illegal public performance of thirteen works of Resnick at the concert “evening with Raimonds Pauls”. The decision was made on Tuesday, September 5, the plaintiff was made by OOO “S. B. A. Music publishing”, representing interests of Ilya Rahmielevich, and the defendant – LLC “Planeta Plus”.

According to correspondents, half a million rubles is only part of the amount claimed in the lawsuit by the organizer of the concert, held on 20 November 2016 cultural capital.

“Initially the plaintiff’s claims amounted to 1.5 million rubles, because we believe that it is so much is the use of these works taking into account the need for the copyright holder to defend their interests in court. The court reduced the amount, but overall we are pleased with the decision. Now the confrontation continues: until defendant has made no attempt to negotiate with the plaintiff, although we are ready to negotiate,” – said lawyer Roman Lukianov.

Reporters also contacted the poet and composer Ilya Reznik. He noted that he learned about the court decision from the media.

Илья Резник выиграл полмиллиона рублей“In recent years, it will be the first royalties for using my works! (…) I am glad that the court made such a decision. I hope something will change in this area in our country. Otherwise, the salvation we have only one: to draw attention to the problem in our country can only be personally appealed to the President of Russia. But God’s will be done,” said Mr. Resnick.

The composer added that he was engaged in protecting their copyrights, but failed. The fact that the catalogue of the works of Resnick is quite large and contains more than 1500 names.

“Now it is the right holder is acting in my best interests, and monitors the legality of the use of my songs. Established precedent. I was informed that the company that organized the concert, refused to pay for my work in the anniversary party of my friend Raimond. Now, apparently, they still have to pay authors” – quoted by Ilya Rahmielevich InterMedia.

Recall that in the spring the butcher had to go to the police. The composer stated that unknown persons threatened his family and friends. Ilya Rahmielevich also suggested that he became a victim of collectors. Family of Ilya Reznik has suffered from the actions of collectors