Илья Резник настроил телепатическую связь с Примадонной The poet is preparing to celebrate the anniversary – the 80th anniversary – on stage of the Kremlin. In anticipation of the holiday Ilya Rahmielevich told about how she reconciled with Alla Pugacheva. Also, people’s artist of Russia told about their unusual abilities.
Илья Резник настроил телепатическую связь с Примадонной

4 April Ilya Reznik will be 80 years old. The poet is preparing a Grand show on the stage of the Kremlin in honor of his birthday. The artist spoke about the celebration and how supports sabaw form.

“My wife is the same age, we are 25 years old. The main thing is the desire to work, there is the joy of creativity, of life. We do not smoke and do not drink at all. Wife instilled in me an interest in a healthy lifestyle. We swim every day. She in the outdoor pool in any weather, swims two kilometers, and I in the closed – kilometer. I want to live and feel healthy. To experience happiness and joy from each and every day. Food we have, of course, different. In the evening after meetings sometimes come hungry and wants fried potatoes, sugar. But the morning start is always with oatmeal. We cook for each other cereal with milk. Already used: it is very useful. Thank God, no serious diseases,” – said Ilya Rahmielevich.

With his wife Irina Alekseevna Romanova poet more than a dozen years. Wife of people’s artist – the master of sports on track and field athletics – the famous also helps her husband in his creative activity.

“Of course, my favorite woman sent by God to me. In gratitude for the ordeal. I deserve it I guess. For all the trials that have happened in my life previously. She is my stronghold, my protection, anything. Next to Irina I feel absolutely happy. Sometimes even a child,” said the songwriter.

Ilya Rahmielevich shared that long ago made peace with Alla Borisovna. Diva will also perform at the upcoming concert. “Alia will be singing in the second part. Almost all the Department her… I gave her a list of 30 songs and said, “You are free in your choice. I’d like any of our creations”. There will be songs that the audience never even heard of. For example, “do you not know that I live in this world”. We have a few songs that sounded a little. We have a good relationship. Communicate, talk on the phone. We are all well. By the way, in addition to Alia, the Kremlin will Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Layma, Masha Rasputina, Soso Pavliashvili, Diana Gurtskaya…” – said people’s artist.

Reznik admitted that he has unusual abilities. According to him, he can predict the future poetry singers. So the poet wrote the prophetic words for Diana Gurtsky, Vladimir Presnyakov.

“Diana didn’t even believe. But dreamed. These prophecies happen. Vova Presnyakov somehow made the song “my Illegitimate son.” Two years before the birth of Nikita, which was, as you know, illegitimate. They Christina never got married. Me and Alla were telepathic coincidences. Remember, in the “Olympic” went to the top podium during the speech of Alla, where was the premiere of the song “And that’s my fault” and forgot the lyrics, which she sang at this moment. And Alla, too, forgot! Then she asked me: “Ilyushka! You was in the hall? Don’t go more, when they premiere, in any case.” I promised I wouldn’t. Realize that interfere with its internal repetition,” said Ilya Rahmielevich

Resnick noted that not watching on TV music programs. The poet is only interested in news and political talk shows. “Documentary is very fascinated. But these films are late at night, it’s not always possible to watch. Thank God, I now write a lot. Do not use a computer at all. The Ira does not start. Gives dirt to read. She was told by religious people that it is impossible for me to admit to the Internet. The Lord can stop the flow,” – said people’s artist of Russia in an interview with “Interlocutor”.