Ilya Reznik for the first time openly spoke about the fight with Pugacheva

Илья Резник впервые откровенно заговорил о ссоре с Пугачевой The poet confessed that he was too touchy. Two stars made peace at the anniversary concert of Raimonds Pauls, but warming between Ilya Reznik and Alla Pugacheva have occurred much earlier.


    Another issue of transfer of Andrey Malakhov, “Tonight” was devoted to the work of the famous poet and songwriter Ilya Reznik 4 April celebrated her birthday. Hits of Ilya Reznik sing the most famous artists of our country, including a-list stars such as Alla Pugacheva, Valery Leontiev, Laima Vaikule. 500 songs came from his pen, and about 70 of them sang Alla Pugacheva.

    All the fans of the two stars is well aware of the quarrel that happened four years ago. But not so long ago Alla Pugacheva and Ilya Reznik reconciled. “Is it true that now your life is a stage when you hold any grudges deal? – asked Andrey Malakhov, Ilya Reznik. After the February anniversary concert by Raimonds Pauls in “Crocus city Hall” all the media came out with headlines “Ilya Reznik and Alla Pugacheva made up.” You were at Alla Borisovny in the dressing room after the performance. What’s behind closed doors happened?”

    “It all started before, when I with heart and other problems in the hospital, – said Ilya Reznik. – Allochka immediately called and offered help, money, drugs. Thank God by that time we were already a little bit up, but I am very grateful for the gesture. Then we congratulated each other a happy New year, and on the evening of Pauls she brilliantly performed. Wonderful was the concert, and can boast of: an author of 15 songs was me. Well, after I went to the alley, presented flowers, and she asked: “do you Have any poems?” I responded: “do you Have music?” She says: “Music is”. – “Then I have poetry.” – “It means we have to work”. That was the kiss”.

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