Ilya Noskov became a father for the third time

Илья Носков стал отцом в третий раз The star of the series “Our happy tomorrow” thanks to the spouse for the child. Unlike many celebrities that tell about important events in your life and in the blog Ilya Noskov did not share the news with subscribers in the Network, and announced the glad tidings to journalists.
Илья Носков стал отцом в третий раз

Star of TV series “Our happy tomorrow” and “Female doctor” Ilya Noskov not so long ago became a father for the third time. A happy event in the family of the artist occurred three months ago, but the man wouldn’t share with the fans so good news. In conversation with journalists the actor admitted that his wife Xenia gave birth to a son. The boy was given the name Sasha, but my parents jokingly call it much more official.

“Alexander III, soon to be three months. He is very serious! When he was born, put his hands in the thinking position – and received a funny nickname “Professor”. We had already decided that he would become a doctor and a Professor, only he doesn’t know yet,” – said Ilya.

The actor said that he was present on childbirth of the wife. He believes that men should be with his wife during the birth of the baby.

In the family Noskova growing 11-year-old daughter Sonia and son Savva. The artist remembers how now all the emotions and feelings when you first became a father. He acknowledges that parents and children teach each other. Ilya feels when adults get along well with the heirs, they have no problems in communicating with other people.

“When my first child was born, my daughter, it was a huge emotional explosion. It’s like a new dimension opened. Start looking at the world through different eyes. I was very hard emotionally, brightly. Then came some other problems when the child is not eating, not sleeping, the first whims. Do you see yourself as you change with the child. School for parents is a tremendous school,” explained the artist.

Also the star of the series “Our happy tomorrow” understands the need to maintain relations in the family for several generations. He admits in the conversation with journalists of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, because of the move to study in Saint Petersburg at the age of 17, he lacked communication with his own father. The artist tries as often as possible to be with the heirs, so the children did not triali communication with parents.

“Trying to give them more time: to read, to walk, to travel with them, swim, argue, work together to build, break, share with them something of the heart, give them your time, warm. Sometimes we are very focused on themselves, busy with some stuff and not always give the child the attention and warmth,” he told Socks.