Ilya Lyubimov suspect in three crimes

Илью Любимова заподозрили сразу в трех преступлениях
The popular actor spoke about his new role in the TV series on NTV.

Ilya Lyubimov Masha Andreeva and Anna Turinov on the set

Photo: Press-service of NTV

Soon on NTV will host the television premiere of the film “the Last
car. Spring” with Ilya Lyubimov in the title role. His character, Victor, —
a successful Boxing coach who has everything: career, girlfriend and
close friends, on whom you can rely. Suddenly everything changes when Victor
becomes the Prime suspect in three murders.

Life is rolling downhill and, apparently, here-here will break into pieces.
Victor still has a chance to defend himself, but a lawyer, which he is very
was counting on playing the game. Salvation nowhere to wait, but early to despair,
because Victor is still a fighter.

“Talking about my character more
suited reference to the song of Viktor Tsoi “Good morning, last hero,” the
says Ilya Lyubimov. — This is the atmosphere in the film was looking for our Director Anton
Kalinkin, and that is how I treat my hero. This is the man who
alone, doomed to wander and carry the truth.”