Ilya Kovalchuk visited the children who donated a large sum

Илья Ковальчук навестил детей, которым пожертвовал большую сумму Famous hockey player I am glad that money can save the lives of kids. Ilya Kovalchuk sold the car that we gave him for the victory at the Olympic games. The athlete came to the house to those who needed help.
Илья Ковальчук навестил детей, которым пожертвовал большую сумму

In early spring the famous hockey player Ilya Kovalchuk has told fans that he sells his car, which he gave to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin for a victory at the Olympic games in Pyeongchang. The athlete had intended to fetch a large sum from the transaction – 7,1 million roubles. The man decided to do the right thing and all the money to give to charity. Not long ago, the car found a new owner of a hockey player by Artemiy Panarin and Kovalchuk was able to implement his plan. Together with Amiran by Sardarova, Timur by Batrutdinov and Garik Kharlamov they visited families and children in which required expensive treatment.

First they went to see Zinaida Pavlovna, which has a 13-year-old grandson Jascha. She said that the child has a sarcoma, the boy needs a full joint replacement in the leg. The operation itself will make the quota for free – you need money for a prosthesis and rehabilitation. It’s worth 2.7 million rubles, so the woman was very grateful to celebrities for help.

“The condition was unenviable, bald, – said the grandmother of a child – and then recovered. Then he said that we need sustavchikov”.
Илья Ковальчук навестил детей, которым пожертвовал большую сумму

Also Kovalchuk, sardars, Kharlamov and Batrutdinov visited the mother of two children, the youngest daughter also needs constant care and treatment. She told me that Pauline was diagnosed.

“Encephalocele – it is not genetic, I don’t know the reasons, children are born, two surgeries postponed,” the woman said.

Polina’s mother is grateful to the doctors who did everything possible to save the life of a child. Also she was pleased that the sports star and well-known entertainers came to her home and transferred the money to her daughter. She couldn’t believe such luck. The woman admitted that before she helped those in need. She promised that, when the baby will be healthy, continue to do good deeds.

Илья Ковальчук навестил детей, которым пожертвовал большую сумму

The famous athlete also was happy that I was able to help those who really need it. “Good work always nice to do, especially when I see the eyes of kids who are not yet aware of it,” said Kovalchuk in a vlog of his friend.