Илья Григоренко навестил в больнице беременную звезду «Дома-2» Алену Ашмарину It seems that the pair managed to settle the scandal. Some time ago Ilya and Alain said about the separation. Despite the fact that soon they will be born second child. The immune system has failed a woman and put her in the hospital.

Alena ashmarina is expecting her second child. The woman is four months pregnant. The other day she was admitted to the hospital. As told to star telestroke, she began to have problems with the immune system. Last week was quite nervous. Alena recently broke up with the baby’s father Ilya Grigorenko. She told me that didn’t feel close to elect truly loved and cherished.

However, Grigorenko visited her in the hospital. According to the post Alena in microblogging, they have managed to establish a relationship. Elijah supported her in a difficult situation.

“I am very grateful to you, Ilya, for your help, support, experience! I love you so much, forgive me for my actions, sometimes I just can’t help it, but I will try. We have so many you have already experienced that it’s nothing. Real Love will take, she knows neither age nor boundaries. She can do anything. The main thing that I have is you, my favorite. Wants to get better and to see you all! Take care of your health! Protect your loved ones!” – said young woman.

Fans supported the star of a reality show. “Alenka,you Ily beautiful couple! You so together you should be together! Very sad when you fight!”, “If you swear don’t wash your dirty linen in public, still up, and you disgrace yourself,” – wrote on the personal page of Alena. Grigorenko has answered this post. In one of the comments he expressed his feelings. “I love you with all my heart,” wrote Ilya.

Ashmarina worried care Grigorenko and shared their emotions, spreading in microblog posts. You decided to leave, and I’ll support! We made the decision together. In my life there are two small miracle, one expected in July. I left our love forever in memory of our baby”, – wrote Alena.

The young woman participated in the second season of the project “Holiday in Mexico” and was a member of the “House-2”. Originally ashmarina expressed sympathy to Alexander Gobozova, but he was busy. Then she noticed Yegor Holavina, and then began to meet with Ilya Grigorenko.

ensina participated in the second season of the project “Holiday in Mexico” and looking for love on “the House-2”. Originally ashmarina expressed sympathy Gobozova Alexander, who at that time was married with Allianoi Ustinenko. After some time the young woman shifted her focus to Yegor Holavina, and then started to try to build a relationship with Ilya Grigorenko, going through a breakup with Tatiana Kyrylyuk.