Ilya Glinnikov will become the new “Bachelor”

Илья Глинников станет новым «Холостяком» Star of TV series “Interns” will look for love on a TV show. Ilya Glinnikov will take part in the new season of the popular project. For a long time fans wondered who will go in search of its second half.

      Fans of the popular TV show “the Bachelor” looking forward to the next season of the show, while some girls dream to win the heart enviable groom. Many speculated and speculate who will go to seek your love under the gun cameras. As it turned out, the hero of the new season of the show will be the star of the series “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov.

      “I treat the show “the Bachelor” as the most severe test in my life. For me love is an action. Point”, – said Ilya journalists.

      About who will be the new “Bachelor,” there were a lot of rumors. Not so long ago in the press appeared information that the hero of the reality show can become famous choreographer Miguel. However, neither the actor nor his representatives did not comment on the speculation.

      In June of this year, ended the fourth season of the show “the Bachelor”, where charming girls fought for the heart of 28-year-old musician and actor Alexei Vorobyov. Despite the fact that the artist wanted to find a project for his sincere love, he was not able to find the girl who would become his second half. In the final Alex was choosing between Natalia and Jana Gorohovoj Anosov. Of all the contestants he chose on them. However, in the final series Natalia admitted that he does not feel love towards the artist. In the end, the musician has remained one. Recall that in the show “the Bachelor” in addition to Alexei Vorobyov participated eligible bachelor. The hero of the first season was the football player Evgeniy Levchenko, a former husband of Anna Sedokova Maxim Cherniavsky, and a year ago to find happiness tried resident Comedy Club Timur Batrutdinov. Despite the fact that the men had a chance to find love with someone of the participants, none of the “bachelors” have not been able to maintain relations with the winners.

      Many will recall that Elijah Glinnikov some time ago, connected relationships with Aglaia Tarasova. However, at the end of June they broke up. Despite the fact that young people are argued and reconciled several times, fans thought that soon they again reconciled. But this did not happen. Aglaia Tarasova and Ilya Glinnikov broke

      “Aglaia has long been their own personal life, and I have mine,” admitted Glinnikov in an interview with Life.