Ilya Glinnikov wants to marry the winner of the show “the Bachelor”

Илья Глинников хочет жениться на победительнице шоу «Холостяк» Actor and Ekaterina Nikulina build big plans for the future. Ilya Glinnikov and his girlfriend confessed that the dream to get away from everyone. The main characters of the reality show incredibly happy that during the project they managed to find each other.

On the eve on TNT ended the fifth season of the popular reality show “the Bachelor.” Ilya Glinnikov was named the winner of project charming blonde Catherine Nikulin. This happened despite the expectations of many fans, making rate dark-haired beauty Madina Tambu. In fact, last Saturday, Ilya Glinnikov declassified his affair with the girl, which he has managed to tell the public. Glinnikov admitted that in love with so that can not be silent about it.

Catherine Nikulin was able to charm the star of “Interns” and make the actor believe in love. However, she admits that until recently did not believe in their victory. Why “the bachelor” Ilya Glinnikov chose Catherine Nikulin

“I stand listening to Ilya and realize that, most likely, he chose not me. I raised my head to hold back the tears. Even though I’ve been crying on the project, but in that moment, tried to hold on. And then he says he would like to say something. I asked: is it necessary? Ilya replied that he could not speak, if you don’t want. Well said, I hear you. And Elijah begins to cite the page of the notebook, which led throughout the filming. He says: if you had to choose from 50 million, it still would’ve chosen me, it would take more time. And then I got the box with the ring,” – said Ekaterina Nikulina.

Ilya Glinnikov admits that he is incredibly happy and is already making sweetheart with big plans for the future. Their participation in the project he considers a valuable experience and a real gift of fate. Today the actor even scary to imagine that he could abandon the “Bachelor.” And of course, it is less likely to believe that you can meet here the love of his life.

Ilya thanked the parents of Catherine during her education, believing that she – a girl of the old traditions. The most important quality sweetheart he calls the sincerity and the absolute inability to lie.

“Kate is the girl of the old traditions, long ago, have not seen such. And most importantly Catherine knows how to lie. And trust is the Foundation of the relationship. In my opinion, Kate has never cheated on the project, no one was convicted and behaved more than worthy,” praises favorite Glinnikov.

By the way, lovers are already thinking about the wedding. “We want to get away from everyone away, – said Ilya Glinnikov in an interview – Are only now beginning to truly feel happiness. And it is for us to work together to clean a pomegranate in the morning, late for work due to the fact that they can not come unstuck from a loved one. Is, finally, to the two of us by the hand to walk on the favorite places, not seeing or hearing anyone around.”