Ilya Glinnikov tried to commit suicide over a girl

Илья Глинников пытался покончить с собой из-за девушки Nearing the finale of the fifth season of the show “the Bachelor,” in which the girls fight for the heart of Elijah Glinnikov. During regular visits, star of TV series “Interns” made a shocking statement. And the problems in past relationships he tried to escape from life, but was saved by doctors.
Илья Глинников пытался покончить с собой из-за девушки

In the new issue of “the Bachelor,” Ilya Glinnikov acquainted with the parents of potential brides. However, before meeting with the relatives of the actor has decided to speak frankly with each participant. After the story of Madina about the difficulties in her previous relationships, the role of Gleb Romanenko discovered a terrible personal secret.

Aglaia Tarasova and Ilya Glinnikov broke

“I once fell in love and thought that here he is, my man. I for the first time under the bells made an offer. I won’t go into details, but there was a betrayal. Me if it took by the legs and smashed his head on the concrete. I cheated, I went crazy at some point. I tried to take my life, and I pumped only in the morning in the hospital,” shared the actor.

Glinnikov did not mention any specific names, naming only the profession of his former sweetheart. According to Ilya, the girl who broke his heart — the actress. From 2013 to 2016 the current “the bachelor” tied the difficult relationship with her daughter Ksenia Rappoport the Aglaia Tarasova. The actors then parted, then came together, but were planning their wedding. They preferred not to comment on their relationship, but the gap was still in the public domain. Aglaia was attributed an affair with a Serbian Milos Bikovich due to the fact that celebrities came together at a charity event.

Later contestant on “the Bachelor” Nadezhda Lysenko said that Glinnikov involved in the project because of his former sweetheart.

“I think that Ilya chose to completely forget Aglaia. To put the point. As they say, fight fire” – shared his insight in an interview with a former member of the transmission.

After a sensational recognition about the failed suicide attempt, the actor said that for him now important the faithful companion of life, and this is what he focuses on. “I need to make sure that my woman will not look the other way never, whatever happens,” – says Ilya.

Straight talk noticeably closer together and Madina “the bachelor,” and that it Glinnikov presented the first rose. The ceremony itself went extremely tense, one of the girls even cried, worrying that will not allow it to the finals. Can’t choose between Lesya and Katya, the man left in the show, both taking us to the final and fourth member, the three bears. Before his departure from the project, Snezana was one of the main candidates for the heart of Elijah.

Now the four potential brides will have to meet the parents of the actor, going for this in Tbilisi.