Ilya Glinnikov told a shocking story about a father

Илья Глинников рассказал шокирующую историю об отце The actor was difficult to solve the mystery. Ilya Glinnikov introduced four of the participants show “the Bachelor” with my family. Close friends shared her opinion about girls and helped him make the decision at the last rose ceremony.
Илья Глинников рассказал шокирующую историю об отце

Tonight the main character of the show “the Bachelor” Ilya Glinnikov introduced to Madina Temowo, Catherine Nikulin, Les Riabtseva and the three bears Samohina with his family. Especially for this meeting, the girls flew to Georgia, the homeland of the artist. The event was attended by mom-star Tatyana, aunt, grandma, brother, sister and little niece.

First out Glinnikov came to Madina Tamova. Day bachelor showed her the city. During his walk he discovered the secret which was known only to a narrow circle of people.

“My dad was originally a neurosurgeon, he studied in Russia, they met there with my mom. Happened situation – one head of Department, Moscow, started to move the restaurant to the mother. Insulted my mother. He could not resist, led him, tore off his epaulettes. Well, my dad shut down immediately, to attribute began. And the last time he handkerchief she waved. And then he chose the path, and I like men know that no one can know that he has children – remember Ilya. My dream was to meet him. And in 18 years I have only time with him I phoned. He said that he will come to me.”
Илья Глинников рассказал шокирующую историю об отце

However, this meeting was not destined to take place – in 2006, father Elias passed away. Madina was touched deeply by the story actor. She did not control her emotions and hugged bachelor.

Relatives are in awe of Tamboy – they admired her upbringing and respect for elders. Also Glinnikov admitted that it intends to take the name of the grandfather – Meskhi.

Over a tense meeting in the family circle was held at the Ekaterina Nikulina. Family of Elijah was concerned that the girl working in the modeling business and wants to be in a movie. They also did not appreciate the compliment participants, which she did grandma of Elijah, she noted that she has beautiful eyes. However, the whole family thought it was nothing more than flattery.

Илья Глинников рассказал шокирующую историю об отце

Lesya Ryabtseva was very nervous before the meeting with the loved ones of the protagonist of the show “the Bachelor.” The man told the family that he likes her intellect – he enjoyed talking to her on any topic. Native Glinnikov noted that Ilya and Lesya no romantic feelings, the young men looked like good mates. But the journalist admitted that not just throws out his tenderness toward Elijah. Aunt of the main character told her not to hide love when it is.

On the fourth night to visit the family Glinnikov came Snejana Samokhina. She frankly admitted that does not test strong feelings to Elijah. The girl said that even if the bachelor does not choose her, they will remain just friends.

The actor was difficult to make a decision at the last rose ceremony. Despite the fact that he kind of took to each girl and was able to appreciate inner beauty, he had to break up with Lesia Raceaway and S. Samokhina. In the final series Ilya decides with whom it to continue to build relationships with medinol or with Catherine.