Илья Глинников высказался о разрыве с победительницей «Холостяка» The actor called on to forgive loved ones even if you don’t want to do. Ilya Glinnikov wished former lover happiness. However, he never revealed the true reason of rupture of relations with Ekaterina Nikulina.

Glinnikov Ilya and Ekaterina Nikulina met on “the Bachelor.” The development of their relationship for several months followed by millions of viewers. Shortly after the end of the project, the actor made an offer to the second half. However, before the wedding it never came. Some time ago, the loving couple decided to leave. This was announced by the former darling of the stars.

Ilya Glinnikov broke up with the winner of “the Bachelor”

Glinnikov quite long refused to comment on the breakup, but recently still posted a post on Instagram, dedicated to the former bride.

“Let’s forgive those whom do not want to forgive. We tolerate even when exhausted. Dear Kate, I read your interview and I remember how we together pomegranate clean. In the glasses and bandanas on the ninth of may watched fireworks on my favorite roof. As we walked forward under the scrutiny of television cameras and became stronger,” wrote Elijah on the social network.

Many fans were upset, because the post actor confirmed the parting of lovers. “I just said that Madina was the best candidate for Elijah. They looked good together,” “it is unfortunate that they are unable to maintain love. Such a beautiful couple was”, “was Sincerely hoping that you will succeed. I hope they will be able to save the friendship” – opinions of fans Glinnikov.

Apparently, Elijah and Catherine was able to leave without further claims against each other. At least the man has wished ex-fiancee good luck in your personal life.

“I wish you to find yourself and to find happiness. The show must go on,” wrote the actor.

Previously Catherine has said that he and Elijah just don’t get along. Despite this, lovers have long tried to save the relationship, but in the end they failed. Earlier it was reported that Glinnikov and Nikulin even fought, unable by peaceful means to resolve emerging conflicts. The stars have denied this information. Now she intends to develop a career. She is fond of music and in the coming weeks is going to present on court of spectators the debut album.

Some fans of the star couple still hope that the lovers will still be able to save the relationship. However, Ilya is clearly not in the mood to resurrect a romance with Catherine.