Ilya Glinnikov responded to the rumors about the breakup with fiancee

Илья Глинников отреагировал на слухи о расставании с невестой The actor spoke about the alleged disagreements with the winner of the television project “the Bachelor” Ekaterina Nikulina. Concerned fans of lovers drew attention to the fact that they no longer share pictures on the Internet.
Илья Глинников отреагировал на слухи о расставании с невестой

Recently, the Network increasingly began to discuss the rumors that the star of the show “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov allegedly broke up with his fiancée Ekaterina Nikulina. Social media users were concerned that young people don’t post pictures together on Instagram. Some even claimed that the girl actor stopped wearing a wedding ring.

Journalists contacted by Ilya Glinnikov to comment on the speculation of the public. The young man did not deny or confirm information about a serious quarrel with Ekaterina Nikulina. Instead, the actor has hinted that he is not experiencing any problems.

“I’m all right, – said the artist. – But the news was saying there? Here and continue in the same spirit.”
Илья Глинников отреагировал на слухи о расставании с невестой

Glinnikov Ilya and Ekaterina Nikulina met during the filming of the fifth season of the show “the Bachelor.” The blonde was one of the candidates for the heart of a famous actor. In the final of the TV project Ilya decided to choose Catherine. The young men did not hide his happiness and gave a Frank interview to journalists in which he shared plans for the future.

In June Glinnikov and Nikulina said that love each other truly. Speaking about his fiancée, the actor called her a very special person who changed his life. According to Elias, he would like to arrange a wedding in Georgia. The actor also said that he would prefer a great wedding on a small ceremony with family and friends.

In September, fans of the couple were not seriously disturbed by the news about the conflict that happened between Catherine and Elijah. Journalists wrote that young people had seriously quarreled, and it ended in a fight. According to some, Nikulina provoked the aggression in his address. According to media reports, Glinnikov cunt that she came home late at night after a noisy party.

After some time the lovers are denied the speculation that their quarrel ended in physical abuse. “Dear society, enough already; the show is long over, and show business is no place for us. No such purpose. We are ordinary people, and all is well. Sending you a kiss and kindness to every soul. Stop keep this pun around us”, – said the choice of the actor in social networks.

After two months in the press again raised the rumors of a disagreement between the couple. But this time Ekaterina Nikulina refused to comment on speculation about the breakup by Ilya Glinnikov, reports Woman’s Day.