Илья Глинников сменит фамилию

Part of the famous Russian actor Elijah Glinnikov in the TNT TV show “the Bachelor” has led to a change in his life. And we are not talking about the wedding of the stars of “the Internship” with one of the participants of the project – the artist decided to change the name.

Under the project, a 32-year-old Elijah visited Georgia, their birthplace, and even went to the parents of the father to meet them participating in the project. There, talking to relatives, the actor decided to change his name, and the reason for this is procreation.
Glinnikov don’t like to talk about the reasons why so many years did not take the name of the Pope, but now, after the death of his father, it turned out that in his family no more men. That is, the Elijah – last of a kind, and it means that on the crest of fame guy will have to change well-known name.
Now the actor will be called Ilya Meskhetians, although in the social network, the actor has signed Ilya Glinnikov.
“Ilya Glinnikov was over, there was his father’s son” – summed up artist. It is noteworthy that Elijah is not concerned that the cinema is already Gela Meskhi, spouse Ekaterina Klimova and that they are now to be confused. But family values for Elijah, apparently more important.