Илья Глинников изменился до неузнаваемости Star of TV series “Interns” for a long time not been in touch with the fans. Many began to build their own versions of this behavior Ilya Glinnikov. Recently, the actor finally broke the silence by posting a photo in a new image.
Илья Глинников изменился до неузнаваемости

33-year-old Elijah Glinnikov grew a thick beard. In the microblog star of TV series “Interns” there was a picture of the actor in a new image. The artist took a selfie while she was out in one of the capital’s parks. Your Glinnikov signed hashtags “positive rotates the planet” and “good morning”.

Photo by Ilya became the first in a long time. Prior to this, the actor updated microblogging, only the nineteenth of April. The absence of the artist in social networks has caused confusion among his fans. Many have asked, where did Glinnikov.

After the actor once again got in touch with the fans, they began to discuss his appearance. Some have found that Ilya is not the dense vegetation on the face. In their opinion, the artist should definitely get rid of the beard. However, someone came to the conclusion that Glinnikov prepared for the new role. “Shave”, “However, hairy”, “Where is the Elijah that we know?”, “Why did you have a fight with a razor?”, “Miss you barbershop”, “So overgrown with uncle”, “Hello, grandfather frost”, “Like a bum”, “First reaction: “Oh my God!” And then I found out”, “Change image?”, “Yeti” – commented the subscribers of the star.

Илья Глинников изменился до неузнаваемости

Before Glinnikov intrigued by the photo on which it is supposedly sealed with one of the former participants of “the Bachelor” – with Madinah Tamboy or with Ekaterina Nikulina. The actor signed the sad lines from a song of the Dolphin “Silver”:

You and I are two drops different one water,
Tears of clouds
Crash on the ground rhinestone
Will be blowed around, and around…

Ilya did not react to the discussions of fans. The actor neither confirmed nor denied the rumors that the reunited with Ekaterina Nikulina. Glinnikov chose the blonde after the completion of the fifth season of Dating show “the Bachelor.” It seemed that the young people happy. In an interview, Ekaterina and Ilya shared plans for the future together – the lovers were going to get married in Georgia.

About parting with Glinnikov Nikulina became known in January. Then the girl told reporters that just has not converged character with the actor. Despite the breakup, Catherine and Ilya has maintained a good relationship. The finalist of the fifth season of the Dating show also said that she had no serious conflict with Glinnikov as written in the press.

After a time, the star of the series “Interns” responded to the words of ex-lover. “Dear Kate, I read your interview and I remembered how we, together, garnet was cleaned, – wrote the artist. – In the glasses and bandanas on the ninth of may watched fireworks on my favorite roof. As we walked forward under the scrutiny of television cameras and became stronger.”