Ilya Glinnikov defended the participants of “the Bachelor”

Илья Глинников встал на защиту участниц "Холостяка"
Fans are watching with interest the developments in the reality show “the Bachelor.”

Илья Глинников встал на защиту участниц "Холостяка"

At this point the girls were only six, and each of them tries to win the heart of Elijah Glinnikov.

But many viewers doubt the authenticity of the events occurring on the project. They believe that all there staged.

Илья Глинников встал на защиту участниц "Холостяка"

Ilya decided to stand on the side of the participants and responded with sarcasm.

“They very quickly learn the text and know how to pursue the goal, objective and most important task! Keep the background and a few objects of attention in the frame, that is why they are very long answer open-ended questions – text to remember; escape to the woods, the tears pour, from the show go – it’s written by a whole team of writers; on the roof of the train climb, paragliding, flying, skydiving, poetry reading.

It is not they – it is their understudy-stunt (especially poetry),” – said the actor in Instagram.

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