Ilya Glinnikov defended participants of “the Bachelor,” from violent attacks

Илья Глинников защитил участниц «Холостяка» от жестоких нападок Fans do not believe in the absence of the script on the show “the Bachelor.” Ilya Glinnikov sarcastically answered all the detractors. His supporters believe that all events in the project unfold spontaneously.

The whole country with a sinking heart monitors events that occur on one of the Dating show “the Bachelor.” Now there are only six girls who are fighting for the attention of Elijah Glinnikov. However, some viewers do not believe in the natural course of events on the project. They believe that reality show is a tough scenario, which is shared by all participants. Glinnikov gave to understand that he was tired to constantly justify himself before those who do not consider the program “the Bachelor” improvisation. He tried to protect the girls, but because with sarcasm answered the question about the staged scenes on the project.

“They very quickly learn the text and know how to pursue the goal, objective and most important task! Keep the background and a few objects of attention in the frame, that is why they are very long answer open-ended questions – text to remember; escape to the woods, the tears pour, from the show go – it’s written by a whole team of writers; on the roof of the train climb, paragliding, flying, skydiving, poetry reading. It is not they – it is their understudy-stunt (especially poetry),” – wrote in the microblog Glinnikov.

Fans Boyko began to discuss what they see on the show. Some believe that Elijah wasn’t kidding when he wrote this text. Not all happy with what is happening on the screen. “Ilya, but there are so willfully that look impossible!” “Already lost interest to watch it”, “Well, basically, this is the case. It builds up the show. And nudeactress we now have half the country”, “Well said, think, honestly. All shows are” – expressed his opinion the subscribers Glinnikov.

However, fans were quick to defend Illya from attacks. They are delighted with all that is happening in the program and can’t even imagine what feelings and experiences that they see can be fake. Fans are genuinely worried about girls and speculate who the bachelor will choose in the final. Participant of “the Bachelor,” Nadezhda Lysenko: “Elijah went into the project, to forget Aglaia”

“I understand that like it or not, it’s a show where there are real feelings and there are certain prescribed points on the script. But how nobly you behaved, the way respect for each girl, as I try to smooth the corners and not hurt – I am pleased to see that there is on this planet worthy men!”, “I sincerely wish you to be happy, despite what they write and say about you. Regardless of whom you chose or not chose on the show “the Bachelor” and beyond that, I know and believe that the project “the Bachelor,” there’s no script. Scratching their heads, whom you could choose the ending,” – say the fans.

Ilya admitted that initially 25 participants he selected the girls according to the dictates of the heart. However, the actor did not begin to hide that some of him is still imposed.

“You will not be bored, everything was really lived, not played. The camera is an x-ray. You will see everything, all secrets will be revealed,” – said Glinnikov before the start of the fifth season of the show.