Илье Глинникову приписывают роман с другой финалисткой «Холостяка» The actor was intrigued by the fans in the microblog. In the pictures shared by Ilya Glinnikov depicted the figures of two people. Judging by the romantic signature to the frame, the star has a new fiancee.
Илье Глинникову приписывают роман с другой финалисткой «Холостяка»

Ilya Glinnikov broke up with Katya Nikulina, who won the fifth season of “the Bachelor,” a few months ago. Former beloved has repeatedly hinted that they were good together, but they were forced to break off the relationship, as their future plans did not coincide. “Let’s forgive those whom do not want to forgive. We tolerate even when exhausted. Dear Kate, I read your interview and I remember how we together pomegranate clean. In the glasses and bandanas on the ninth of may watched fireworks on my favorite roof. As we walked forward under the scrutiny of television cameras and became stronger” – these words dedicated Glinnikov ex-fiancee.

In a new post in the blog Ilya posted a picture where you can recognize male and female silhouettes. Many fans bombarded the actor with questions, predpolozhim that he was reunited with the truck. In the caption to the picture, the artist has left a romantic and sad lines from the song of a Dolphin.

“You and I are two drops different one water,

Tears of clouds

Crash on the ground rhinestone

Will be blowed around and around…” – these lines from the song “Silver” left Glinnikov.

In the comments to the post began to put forward different versions of that girl next to the actor. “Are you Katia reconciled?”, “Again, let’s go already!”, “Ilya! Do whatever you think and feel, do not listen to anyone. I sincerely wish you happiness and harmony!”, “Elijah, good luck to you! And with whom, it is absolutely not our business” – discussing followers. Some of them suggested that it might be Tamova Madina, who also took part in “the Bachelor.”

Madina was the main rival, Katya Nikulina in the finale of the Dating show. The girl grew in severity, but over time proved friends that know how to behave in a given situation. Tamova always tried to respect the limits of decency, while the other participants allowed himself too much. “Everyone has the right to have an opinion. I’m different: I can be kind and gentle, unable to break out, to put in place, but in all its manifestations I’m honest. The main quality that I appreciate in people – sincerity. Just hate the lies and hypocrisy and do not deviate from these principles in the life,” – said Madina about his character.