Ilya Glinnikov ceased to hide an affair with a member of “the Bachelor”

Илья Глинников перестал скрывать роман с участницей «Холостяка» Star of TV series “Interns” told about how she met her soulmate. In recognition of Elijah Glinnikov, he’s crazy one of the participants of the popular project. On the eve of the final show of his fans are left wondering who has the heart of an actor.

This Saturday, viewers of channel TNT will see the long-awaited final show “the Bachelor,” in which the heart of a star “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov will fight Ekaterina Nikulina and Madina Tamova. Before the protagonist of goodbye to Lesya Ryabtseva and S. Samokhina, he introduced the girls with my family.

Feelings, revelations and rivalries participants before the finale of “the Bachelor”

The effect of the final series one of the most romantic programs on modern TV, too, will pass in Georgia in the territory of the homeland Glinnikov. This time the participant of the show and Ilya will be in the Rabat fortress, located on the territory of the historical region of Meskheti. During the meeting with journalists the actor said that he had real feelings for one of the girls. Her name, the artist prefers to hide in order not to spoil the audience viewing experience of the final release.

“She won me over with its depth. She’s an alien, she’s from the moon, she’s a galaxy. You know, grit can lie next to, and galaxies are at such a great distance from each other that the human brain does not understand, because when they come in contact with a nuclear explosion occurs. And we went to meet, went through the thorns, and then it happened. As the Tunguska meteorite is just covered. It’s like we put a bowl on top and the hammer of Thor got hit, and all rattled around,” – said Ilya.

The actor believes his mate “woman with a capital letter” and admires her spiritual qualities. A young man describes his beloved as a person prone to “give and not consume.” In addition, Glinnikov thinks she’s very sincere and noble in their nature. Ilya admits that, which he conquered, prefers not to speak and to act.

According to Elias, he and his fiancee are still in the very beginning, and they have much to learn. The actor admits that he had to go through a lot before you cast your vote in favor of one of the finalists. Speaking about the development stages of their relationship with the chosen one, Glinnikov not hide the fact that they have had problems, including distrust of each other. However, the young people managed to cope with this problem.

Answering questions of journalists, Ilya Glinnikov also admitted that it was difficult to make a final choice. “I had doubts. The whole night I spent in the temple, prayed and made a choice,” said the actor in an interview with “Telenedelya”.