Ilya Glinnikov can’t accept the fact that it threw

Илья Глинников не может смириться с тем, что его бросили The bachelor went home to Daria Lukinoj to get the answer. Last time she decided to leave the project. A man tries to understand why she did it at the end of the show. Despite the fact that now for the heart of Elijah Glinnikov continue to fight the four participants, he hastened to Sochi in order to understand the situation.
Илья Глинников не может смириться с тем, что его бросили

Last week the show “the Bachelor” left favorite Ilya Glinnikov Dasha Klyukina. The actor from the very beginning spoke of her as a sweet and pure girl. Suddenly, the party decided to leave the struggle for the heart Glinnikov. It was an unpleasant shock for the 32-year-old actor, who tried to do everything to win her affection. The artist decided in whatever was to get answers to questions that plagued his soul.

This Saturday Ilya Glinnikov contrary to the rules of the project go back to Sochi to surprise Daria Klucina on the day of her birth. However, the surprise will have to wait for the bachelor – the door it will not open Dasha and Veronica, the same who left the project last weekend.

Илья Глинников не может смириться с тем, что его бросили

From the very beginning of the project “the Bachelor” Glinnikov did not hide his sympathy for Lukinoj. In one episode a girl was trying to leave the show due to the fact that I began to feel to Ilya solely friendly feelings. Then the man decided to arrange unforgettable rendezvous took her to the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur to melt the heart of the unapproachable beauty. This trip made a lasting impression on the girl and forced a new look at the bachelor.

“For me it was the best day of my life at the moment, – shared her impressions Klyukina. – I was in a fairy tale and never wanted it to end. I haven’t slept and I did not want. The adrenaline kicked in”.

However, in the last series Ilya admitted that confused her senses. After Dating with Ekaterina Nikulina and Daria Lukinoj he could not make categorical decisions – he appealed to both girls.

Илья Глинников не может смириться с тем, что его бросили

However, the favorite Glinnikov decided to quit and stop fighting. Participant of “the Bachelor,” Daria Klyukina: “Elijah promised without vulgarity”

“Ilya is a good guy – said Daria “StarHit”. – To be honest, sometimes I didn’t understand, he tells the truth or plays the show or life. But conflicts have never arisen. I always tried to calm him, cheer him up, to listen. He needs a patient girl.”

This Saturday in the show “the Bachelor” at 21:30 on TNT viewers will learn what will turn the meeting Ilya and Darya outside the show, and what secret will reveal to him the three bears.