У Ильи Глазунова диагностировали серьезное заболевание Journalists reported that the legendary artist is in the hospital for several days. At the moment he is undergoing treatment. Previously, the media also reported about hospitalization of a famous artist.

      У Ильи Глазунова диагностировали серьезное заболевание

      Today in the press appeared information about the hospitalization of the 86-year-old artist-painting, as well as teacher and rector of the Russian Academy of painting, sculpture and architecture Ilya Glazunov. According to journalists, the famous artist was examined and diagnosed him with a serious disease. What is still unknown. According to representatives of the media at the moment Glazunov undergoing treatment.

      Recall that in early may, the press has also reported that Glazunov was taken to hospital in connection with the deterioration of his health. Then it was connected with aggravation of a chronic disease of the artist, from which he suffered for the last few years.

      Earlier, in April, the feeling of Ilya Glazunov, too, was forced to relive his fans. Then, according to the media, the painter examined, and then prescribed a course of treatment. However, the familiar Glazunov denied this information. Nikolay Sidorov, Deputy head of the Academy, the rector of which is a well-known artist, has not confirmed the data about the hospitalization of his colleagues. He also said that a few days ago I spoke with Ilya Sergeyevich, and he was in good shape and did not complain about health problems. The same thing was said by the first Deputy Director of the gallery of artist Ilya Glazunov Svetlana Kolotovkina. According to her, the legendary artist was feeling fine and was in working condition.

      In a recent interview Ilya Glazunov said that he is a warrior who is used to deal with life’s difficulties. He also admitted that the creativity and skill make him happy. According to Glazunov, works of art must be understandable to the masses, and he does not share the popular enthusiasm for contemporary actual art. In addition, the painter said that he feels fine and full of creative energy like never before.

      At the moment, according to the journalists, doctors assess the condition of Ilya Glazunov as stable. In the clinic, he is already a few days, and apparently it’s good for him, reports Life.ru.

      Ilya Glazunov Soviet Russian painter, laureate of the State award, full cavalier of the order “For merits before Fatherland”.

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