Ilya Glazunov in serious condition was taken to the hospital

Илью Глазунова в тяжелом состоянии доставили в больницу Famous Soviet and Russian painter, as journalists, was hospitalised in one of clinics of Moscow. The deterioration of health associated Glazunov with a serious chronic illness, the painter’s suffering in recent years. At the same time, the artist’s daughter said that he had bronchitis and treated it at home.

      Илью Глазунова в тяжелом состоянии доставили в больницу

      Today, the media has reported that 85-year-old painter, the founder of the Russian Academy of painting, sculpture and architecture was urgently hospitalized in one of medical institutions of Moscow. Journalists svyazivayut degradation of Ilya Glazunov with exacerbation of his chronic disease with which the artist struggled in recent years.

      We will remind that earlier, in early April, Glazunov, as claimed by some media, also hospitalized due to deterioration. Then the painter was appointed a number of examinations and treatment. The reason for the hospitalization has become a serious chronic disease, as written in the press. However, the official representatives of the artist this information was denied. First Deputy Director of the gallery of artist Ilya Glazunov on Volkhonka Svetlana Kolotovkina reported to the press that with an artist it’s all right, and he did not stop work due to bad samochustvie.

      What is happening now with Ilya Glazunov, remains unclear. The artist’s daughter Vera told me that her father had bronchitis, but it is not treated in the clinic and at home, according to Perhaps in the future there will be more information on the health status of the famous painter.

      Ilya Glazunov — the honored artist of Russia, the owner of a large number of awards, is a full cavalier of the order “For merits before Fatherland”. The artist has made a huge contribution to the development of Soviet and Russian art and education. Experts say that the main theme of his work is dedicated to her many paintings of the artist. Glazunov’s works are widely known in Russia and abroad, in particular, he worked on the monumental painting “the Contribution of the peoples of the Soviet Union to world culture and civilization”, which is located in one of the halls of the UNESCO building in Paris. In addition, Glazunov participated in the restoration of some buildings of the Moscow Kremlin, in particular, the Grand Kremlin Palace.

      As for the Glazunov family, he is a widower, father of two children — a son Ivan and daughter Faith. Both of Glazunov’s successor continued his father and his late mother — artist Nina Vinogradova (Benoit).

      At the moment Glazunov lives in Moscow and doesn’t stop working, despite their age. Painter teaches students, says the painting, actively participates in public life of Russia and gives an interview.

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