Ilya Bachurin said that with the Hope Sysoeva

Илья Бачурин заговорил о свадьбе с Надеждой Сысоевой The Director of “Glavkino” commented on the rumors about a possible marriage with the actress. Ilya Bachurin explained what the relationship is with the Hope Sysoeva bind, thereby answering numerous speculation.

      Last week in the secular parties are discussing the future marriage of 46-year-old Director General of “Glavkino” Ilya Bachurin and 32-year member Comedy Woman of Hope Sysoeva. Celebrities, about the novel which “StarHit” first written in July of last year, don’t like to advertise the relationship and give comments about feelings to each other, though, the stories of friends, have a few months of living together.

      Not so long ago, Hope posted in his blog a photo, on which is emblazoned in a wedding dress, prompting rumors that he was going to marry. But her lover had dispelled all doubts.

      “No, we are not preparing for the wedding – said Ilya “StarHit”. – We have Nadia’s beautiful, but the hike to the Registrar until it is”.

      By the way, a few months ago, the Network was actively discussed the possible move of Hope for the beloved, but then in a conversation with “StarHit” she made it clear that they would not want to rush, but because they have everything develops naturally. For questions about the upcoming wedding Sysoeva even then he replied evasively. “It’s too early to talk about it”, – said the artist in a telephone conversation.

      Apparently, relations actress and Director, Glavkino really moved to a new level, but to force the issue they do not intend to. Fans of the famous couple admire the idyll that reigns between them, and left them his compliments in social networks.

      Those who follow the life of Nadezhda Sysoeva, it is well known how difficult it was parting with another young man. The actress did not hide that this breakup was very painful, but because in the future she intends to be careful and not prematurely make plans for the future with a particular man.