Илья Авербух раскрыл крупный обман организаторов ледового шоу
In figure skating boil “passion” for Elena Berezhnaya.

Ilya Averbukh

Pop stars have become accustomed, that from time to time they have to face scams that be “unplanned” tours of the stars. In other words print posters with popular artists and sell the tickets of the show, which obviously will not happen. Even there, organizers say a list of artists, and there are very different performers. Now, this “wave”, apparently, has come to the world of figure skating.

Recently Olympic champion Elena Berezhnaya published in social networks “the cry of the soul” that has become a victim of fraud. Pictures of her allegedly unlawfully used to advertise the ice show that she has nothing. “This is plagiarism! All photos are used illegally. The play “Princess Anastasia” was stolen from the St. Petersburg Children’s ice theatre, so the quality of counterfeit no guarantee can not. This is a Scam!” — says Elena. It was supported by Ilya Averbukh, who told about what awaits the spectators, who bought tickets for “Pravoberezhnyy”.

“Only with your help we can get rid of this weed ,which for years under the name Lena and a number of other great athletes, deceiving the viewer of the lower level of the quality of the ice show! While discreditied the performance itself on the ice — angry Averbukh. With all due respect to the guys figure skaters, exposed there who honestly do their job and are exclusively worthy of respect, leaving the audience hall long before the finale of this action is the calling card of this pseudolanguage show! To the same, in addition to the aforementioned Lena show true show “Dracula” that really be beyond good and evil! Good luck to us all! And Conscience!”