Ilnur Ibragimov from Ufa to save up for an apartment and a car, working as a janitor

Ильнур Ибрагимов из Уфы накопил на квартиру и машину, работая дворником “StarHit” follows the fate of the heroes of the magazine. In September 2012, we wrote about Elinore Ibragimov, who received 60 thousand rubles a month, working as a janitor. Since we are welcome in his house. Mom keeps the issue as a family heirloom, and the neighbors are jealous that the guy appeared on the pages of this issue to the Alla Pugacheva.
Ильнур Ибрагимов из Уфы накопил на квартиру и машину, работая дворником

Recall utimes attended medical school at the University, lived in a dormitory and every day, get up at five or six in the morning to get out on the streets and catch the beginning of lectures. Ilnur cleaned up at the ten sites. Each of them were formally employed and received five and a half to six thousand. Summer sweeping and threw garbage in the winter clearing snow and breaking ice, and then ran to class. Tuition Ilnur he was paying, and on holidays he helped his parents in the family business – growing berries in aurgazinskijj district of Bashkiria. With my first paycheck, the guy bought the bike, tied to the broom with a shovel and rushed at the following address, to a few hours to have time to get out in their territories. Eighteen months later he managed to acquire a used car, and in the spring of 2012 began to go on a new. To continue the work of parents, Ilnur then bought a plot of land near Ufa. He met his girlfriend and dreamed of their own homes…

The broom was replaced on the tractor

Recently, we again visited the Ilnur. He is now 30 years old, he works in the specialty – a dentist, lives in a spacious apartment and making plans for the future. “In 2014 I graduated from University and at the same time ceased to work as a janitor, he says. – You need to look for a place on the diploma, no wonder that six years were a dentist. I got to the clinic, but lasted there only two or three months salary was a little girl. So as soon as winter came, decided to return to business as usual.

I’m a professional! At the time, to plow the ground in the nursery for berries, our family bought two tractors “Belarus”. On one I worked on the other – the elder brother Vasily. This technique we drove to Ufa and started to work. I posted online ads, what performed snow removal with contracts for the whole winter. Responded ten organizations: enterprise, several hotels. The same amount of points I had when I was working as a janitor in the student. But if you had to swing a shovel, now all the work done on the tractor. But this, believe me, is not easy. Snow brother day did not get off of the iron horses, to be able to remove the emerging drifts.
Ильнур Ибрагимов из Уфы накопил на квартиру и машину, работая дворником

The snow were taken with rented Trucks and were paid the truck drivers for the work. In nice weather, doing nothing is also not sitting brush cleared areas to asphalt. The day I earned as much, if month worked as a dentist. With the onset of spring returned to the village to help their parents with the harvest of berries. Unfortunately, two years ago, the Pope did not, now we have a brother Vasily”.

Ильнур Ибрагимов из Уфы накопил на квартиру и машину, работая дворником

You can relax a little

“This year again attempted to return to the profession – continues to Ilnur. – And such is well: for six months worked in a private clinic, I really like it. I am glad that patients leave me happy. Made an appointment with no teeth and leave the office with a beautiful smile. When I was still learning and was a janitor that dreamed of his own apartment in Ufa. But after University with no experience in the field of housing it is difficult to earn, so I did the cleaning of snow and sweat. Now you can relax a little: I already have an apartment in the building, with no mortgage. To do this, sold the car, took my brother and parents still helped. And six months ago, saved up and was able to purchase a new car.

Personal life is also doing well. He married his girlfriend Diana, who understands the meaning of the phrase “sweet heaven in a tent.” After all these years, was next in wealth and in poverty. By the way, after the release of “StarHit” in 2012, told me the whole village. Like, a celebrity, once wrote in the magazine, the cover of which Alla Pugacheva. This room is my mom keeps now. In the future I dream to become a first-class dentist to open a clinic and help people to have healthy teeth. Told my brother about the plans. Ilshat, of course, laughed, but he was grinning and when I was a janitor. Crisis, have nowhere to settle I don’t think the work is always there, the main thing – to take her, not to give up and believe in yourself.”