Illness of the son can bring the star of “Teacher” to the prison

Болезнь сына может довести звезду «Физрука» до тюрьмы
Evgeny Kulakov mired in debt.

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Yevgeny Kulakov and his wife Olga have two children. The eldest child of the couple Ilya was born with cerebral palsy and autism. The family of actor spends huge sums of money for treatment and rehabilitation of son. As it became known, for the last time Eugene spent on Ilya much more money than could earn. In hospitals for the actor listed as debt, failure to pay can lead to arrest stars of the series “Fizruk”.

Fists sadly admits, is now as his son could be much better if the doctors did gave him the correct diagnosis. At a young age, the doctors are unable to diagnose Ilya autism, in result, valuable time for development was lost. However, spouses do not lose hope that their son will be able to adapt socially in society.

Wife stars of the “Teacher” gave birth to her second child

“We got a late start, but we have recently just remarkable progress. Ilyusha he dresses and undresses. Recently learned to make tea. Yes. It may look strange, because we rejoice that people at the age of 13 fastened sandals. But it gives us hope that in 20 years, if we continue to work, it will be a different quality of life!”, — said the actor in the program “a Perfect repair”.

We will remind that in November of this year. the second child was born. The whole family of the actor were extremely happy with the birth of a daughter.