Болезнь может поставить крест на карьере Селин Дион
The singer will need surgery.

Celine Dion


Celine Dion is concerned: it became known that the singer had serious
health problems. Because of them she even had until the end of may to cancel all their
the scheduled shows. Celine has long complained that it has become worse to hear.
So much worse that this is the beginning of her way during performances. Besides, she
suffered several recent inflammation of the middle ear, that she already had to cancel a number of their shows in January of this year. Examined
her doctors came to the conclusion that in order to avoid further complications Dion needs surgery in the near future
time Celine will be busy putting in order their health. Later she will need some time to recover after surgery.

myself Dion optimistic. She assured his fans that the operation
will be “very small”, and she hoped with them soon to see. “The last
time I decidedly unlucky. I dreamed about the upcoming show… can’t believe it turned out this way. I offer my deepest apologies to everyone who was going to come to my concerts
in Las Vegas. I am very sorry that I had to do so. Need to cancel
concerts are one of the most unpleasant tests in my career. Especially
when I know how many people would like to see them,” wrote céline, at its
a page in a social network.

Recall that in
January 2016 Celine had to endure the tragedy, died of her beloved
spouse Rene Angelil, with whom she lived in wedlock 22 years, raising
three sons: rené-Charles, now 17 years old, and seven year old twins Eddie and
Nelson. As recognized Celine, her adored children and
work helped her come to terms with the death of her husband.