Illegitimate daughter of Vladimir Korenev met my dad

Внебрачная дочь Владимира Коренева познакомилась со своим папой Evgeniya Kharkov’m glad to see the actor. Two years ago Natalia Ivanova admitted that more than 40 years ago, she had a child from the performer of the role of the frogman in the film “the amphibian Man” Vladimir Korenev.
Внебрачная дочь Владимира Коренева познакомилась со своим папой

Two years ago it became known that Evgeny Kharkov considers herself the illegitimate daughter of the famous actor Vladimir Korenev. Her mother Natalia Ivanova kept secret from the artist this news for 43 years. She admitted that they had a fleeting relationship, and therefore never claimed to be a legal spouse and childbirth was understood, the child will raise itself. Vladimir Korenev showed up unknown family

The birth of a granddaughter, Natalia was forced to declare the entire country in the program “Let them say” that girl’s famous great-grandfather, who played the frogman in the film “the amphibian Man”. They dreamed that he met his biological daughter and if I wanted to, I participated in the lives of their families.

As it turned out, only two years later, Eugene was able to meet with the artist. However, it happened after the play, which was played in Koren. She came to the artist after the performance to hand the bouquet.

“Vladimir Borisovich, these beautiful flowers. Thank you for the show and thank you for life. We are far away from Tomsk. Thank you very much,” said Eugene.
Внебрачная дочь Владимира Коренева познакомилась со своим папой

The woman was touched to the core with this meeting. It seemed to her that he realized who stood before him. The emotions of Eugene, who fulfilled his childhood dream. However, the experts in the Studio were skeptical of such a statement and suggested that the actor is not fully aware of exactly who he was. However, Eugene hastened to apologize for startling the artist.

“Vladimir Khristenko, Irina, if something wrong, sorry, we have nothing bad, just to get closer to this man. He is not only your husband and a father, but my grandfather and my daughter, and great-grandfather to my granddaughter. We care about it. You are my father, I’m sorry for this fact, I want you to see”, – said Kharkiv.

Guests in the Studio were convinced that proof of kinship Korenevo and his alleged daughter must submit to a DNA test, however, need to obtain the consent of both parties. Leading the program “Let them talk,” Dmitry Borisov said he would to follow this story.