Illegitimate daughter of Jackie Chan is treated after suicide attempt

Внебрачная дочь Джеки Чана лечится после попытки суицида Foreign publications report that 18-year-old heir to the stars of the militants tried to kill himself while on holiday with friends. The result is Etta Ng had urgently to return home to Hong Kong, where she was hospitalized.

      Внебрачная дочь Джеки Чана лечится после попытки суицида

      Journalists report that 18-year-old Etta, daughter of Jackie Chan and the former winner of “Miss Asia” Elaine Ng, was in the hospital after trying to commit suicide. At first nothing foretold troubles – at the end of March she and her friends went on holiday to Thailand, however a few days later the successor of star fighters is back in Hong Kong, where she was urgently hospitalized.

      According to local journalists, Etta long been depressed, and lately her mood apparently worsened. In their social networks the daughter of a famous actor repeatedly published the sad posts and talked about the intention to settle scores with life. Before you travel abroad Etta shared a post that said to friends about depression.

      “Not for long leave Hong Kong. I’m still alive, if anyone is interested,” – said the girl on Facebook.

      The media also reported that Elaine Ng, learning about the incident, immediately went to the hospital. During the conversation with reporters ex-lover Jackie Chan has confirmed that her daughter is indeed in the walls of a medical facility, but refused to share details. According to the woman, she is waiting for the conclusion of the doctor.

      Let us add that the relationship between mother and daughter has always been difficult. Monday, March 27, in local publications there was a note that Etta went to the police with complaints of a parent. The girl claimed that she intimidates her. Earlier in 2015, Etta accused Elaine of abuse and told law enforcement officials about the alleged alcoholism of a loved one.

      Recall that the girl’s parents met after her mother won the beauty contest. Novel Jackie and Elaine lasted a few months, and after some time came to light Etta. The action star has lived with a lover for only a year, after which she decided to part with it.

      Etta and her mother lived a long time in Shanghai, but in 2011 he decided to move to Hong Kong. The famous actor Jackie Chan has not recognized a successor, considering his relationship with Elaine Ng error. In an interview, she stated that it considers the artist a stranger.

      “He’s not my father. I don’t have any feelings for him. He’s my biological father, but it was not, and is not in my life,” she said.