Внебрачная дочь и погибший внук: проклятие «грустного клоуна» Леонида Енгибарова Favorite circus artist Leonid Brezhnev carefully concealed personal life. In his youth, Leonid Yengibarov had an affair with a foreign woman, who gave him a daughter. The family was happy, but at the age of 37 years, the famous clown, died suddenly of a heart attack, and five years later in a car accident killed the mother of his child.
Внебрачная дочь и погибший внук: проклятие «грустного клоуна» Леонида Енгибарова

His work was admired by Brezhnev himself, Vasily Shukshin shot him in his films, and Vladimir Vysotsky began to cry, when in 1972 he learned of the death of the great clown. Despite the all-Union popularity, circus artist Leonid Yengibarov still managed to keep secret the twists and turns of his personal life. And to hide he had a lot. For example, the foreign mistress, a novel which could turn into big problems.

In 1964, he met with journalist Armoloy Galloway during a tour in Czechoslovakia, and instantly fell in love. A year later the couple had a daughter Barbara, but a happy event had to be kept secret from colleagues, and from numerous friends of the famous clown. Despite this, the couple was happy. Though not for long — soon began a black stripe.

In 1972, 37-year-old Yengibarov unexpectedly died from heart problems, and five years later died in a car accident and Jarmila.

In the program “Let speak” the niece of the famous clown said that he wanted to get closer to Yengibarov daughter Barbara, but the girl refused to go on contact.

“My father, brother Leonid Yengibarov, insisted that Barbara lived with us in Yerevan. She came for a while, but then began to ask back. As a result, went to the Czech Republic. Link then started to break, but I knew that her children were born”, — said the niece of the famous clown.
Внебрачная дочь и погибший внук: проклятие «грустного клоуна» Леонида Енгибарова

As it turned out, the “curse” Yengibarov spread to his daughter. Growing up, Barbara gave birth to Siamese twins. The boys, conjoined at the belly, that threatened a speedy death. Therefore, the chosen daughter of the famous clown had to choose which of the sons to remain alive.

The tragedy strongly influenced the heiress Yengibarov — Barbara could not communicate with the rescued son Peter, blaming yourself and him for the death of a second child. In the Studio “Let them talk” relatives of the clown revealed a terrible secret: a daughter Yengibarov has left the boy, and later almost went mad from grief.

Despite the tests, fallen on him from birth, Peter has decided to follow in the footsteps of the illustrious grandfather.

“I was about 12 years old when I learned that I am the grandson Yengibarov. Of course I was surprised, but then thought of becoming a circus performer. This realization came to me gradually. Now I want to do,” admitted Peter.
Внебрачная дочь и погибший внук: проклятие «грустного клоуна» Леонида Енгибарова

However, not everyone in the Studio believe that the young man really is the heir of the famous circus. Some of the guests of the program decided that Peter is trying to cash in on big names Leonid Yengibarov. He himself alleged grandson have long been accustomed to criticism in the address. He tries not to pay attention to her, and in its origin and does not doubt.

Another secret, it seemed, claimed Yengibarov with him to the grave — the presence of an illegitimate daughter.

“Somewhere two years ago I was approached by a journalist who wanted to interview about the circus. And during the conversation she suddenly began to cry. I was in shock. When she had calmed down, admitted that she is the daughter of Leonid Yengibarov. Her name is Evgeniya Filatova, now lives in Yerevan”, — said a longtime friend of the clown.