Внебрачная дочь Бориса Химичева узнала правду о своем родстве Ballerina Darya Ganicheva agreed to take another DNA test, this time advanced. In the previous release, “Let them talk”, dedicated to its history, it became clear that Boris Himicheva and his brother Leonid, can be different fathers.
Внебрачная дочь Бориса Химичева узнала правду о своем родстве

Ballerina Darya Ganicheva keeps trying to prove his relationship with actor Boris by Himicheva. She recently participated in the filming of the next release of the program “Let them talk”, dedicated to her confusing history. In the last broadcast revealed that Daria is not the niece of the brother of the famous artist Leonid. The mother Ganichevoy Lidia Vitalievna was the explanation of such results. According to her, Boris and Leonid different fathers.

Illegitimate daughter of Boris Khimichev has received the results of the DNA test

To finally put an end to disputes about who is her father, Darya Ganicheva has passed the advanced test. Dmitry Borisov announced his results in the broadcast transmission.

“The probability that the biological father of Daria Ganichevoy is Khimichev, Boris Petrovich, is of 98.65%,” – said the presenter.
Внебрачная дочь Бориса Химичева узнала правду о своем родстве

The delight was present in the Studio was not the limit. Guests walked up to Daria to congratulate her. The girl was and be even more disappointed when thanking all the caring people for support. Dmitry Borisov presented to Daria and her mother bouquets of flowers. “After the broadcast, you said a lot of words mother” – addressed leading to the heroine of the transmission.

“You know I meant no harm, I have a bad temper. I always love you and will love. What is said in their hearts, is not always true. So I’m sorry,” said the mother.
Внебрачная дочь Бориса Химичева узнала правду о своем родстве

Dmitry Borisov said that the new study proves the truthfulness of the words of the mother of Daria. Apparently, Leonid and Boris Himicheva really different fathers. Therefore, the test performed during the previous program, showed no relationship Ganichevoy with the family of a famous actor.

In the Studio of the TV show was also attended by Timur Eremeev, the illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina. The young actor was able to prove that he is the heir to the stars of the Soviet cinema. Timur came to share with Daria personal experience.

“I came to support you, because I know how difficult it is to prove what is obvious to you. Sometimes these proofs are very hard to find, this applies, in particular photographs, which can be a bit, and people are not always ready for public stories. And I partly understand,” said Eremeev.

When Dmitry Borisov announced the results of the test, Timur admitted that he experienced a slight sense of deja vu. “I’m very happy for you. For me personally, this is a sufficient argument that you are the daughter of Boris Khimichev,” shared Eremeev with Ganichevoy.