Illegitimate daughter of Boris Khimichev has received the results of the DNA test

Внебрачная дочь Бориса Химичева получила результаты ДНК-теста For several years the ballerina Darya Ganicheva trying to make a point in the tangled history of the relationship with the famous artist. Recently, she again passed the examination to prove his innocence. Results announced in “Let them talk”, surprised the public.
Внебрачная дочь Бориса Химичева получила результаты ДНК-теста

For the second night in a row in the Studio program “Let them talk” continue to discuss the story of a ballerina Daria Ganichevoy. The girl claims to be the illegitimate daughter of a star of Soviet cinema, Boris Himicheva. Many familiar celebrity confirmed that he would mention Daria and considered her his heir. In the previous issue of Ganicheva I decided to take a DNA test to put an end to disputes about his relationship with a famous actor.

Illegitimate daughter of Boris Khimichev went through a DNA test

Presenter Dmitry Borisov brought the envelope with the results of the study. He focused on the fact that now the fate of Daria, the same as once happened in radio, dedicated to the bastard son of Spartaka Mishulina Timur Yeremeyev.

“The first person who took the specimen, Khimichev, Leonid Petrovich [brother of Boris Khimichev], and the second man – Darya Ganicheva. And now the results of the comparison. The probability that Leonid Khimichev is the uncle of Daria Ganichevoy is 74,104%”, – said the presenter.
Внебрачная дочь Бориса Химичева получила результаты ДНК-теста

Borisov turned to an expert for DNA-tests Eduard Tumanov for clarification. “Do I understand correctly that this result can not say that Darya Ganicheva is the daughter of Boris Khimichev?” – asked Dmitry. “I can assume that the probability of a match between you and me can be even higher than 74%. But it will prove that we are brothers,” – said Borisov expert.

The host offered Ganichevoy and her mother to see the conclusions reached by the experts. “Dash, I don’t know what to say… it happens. It seemed that one person,” – said Borisov. However, the mother of the ballerina was his explanation of unexpected data obtained in the laboratory.

“Dasha daughter because we have this subject to raise with Leonid Petrovich not going to… he and Boris Petrovich only common mother, know? Therefore, this DNA cannot give a full kinship. You and Boris Petrovich different fathers,” said the mother of the alleged daughter of a famous actor.
Внебрачная дочь Бориса Химичева получила результаты ДНК-теста

Brother of Boris Khimichev expressed disagreement with the statements women. “No, that’s not true. You can say anything here. We had a lovely family, four children. We were brought up in the hard work and love for each other. She’s still in our hearts,” said a close relative of the artist.

Mother Daria replied Himicheva. “And we Boris Petrovich said something else entirely,” Lex retorted Lydia Ganicheva. Her daughter said that he expected such results, therefore, feel no surprise.

According to friends, Boris Khimichev, he wanted to have children that called himself a father daughter Lydia Ganichevoy. Presenter Dmitry Borisov asked the brother of the actor, whether he is ready to pass a complex examination to find out the truth about his relationship with Daria. “I came here to end this. I did my job,” – said Leonid Petrovich. At the end of the program Lidiya Vitalievna publicly said to the man.

“Let all believe as we want. I do not agree with DNA. Leonid Petrovich, I beg you, help us in this. Do the advanced test,” said the mother of Daria Ganichevoy.

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