Внебрачная дочь Александра Абдулова: «Я не знаю своего отца» Larisa Steinman continues to prove its case. She tried to explain why Marie is a child Abdulov. However, the polygraph revealed: the word of the journalist is false.
Внебрачная дочь Александра Абдулова: «Я не знаю своего отца»

Larisa Steinman – writer and journalist, who was having an affair with a famous actor Alexander Abdulov. The woman claims that her daughter Marie-Isabelle was born from the artist. The girl has acting talent and she has starred in French films.

In one of the programs Larissa reported that, according to DNA test, no relationship between the child and the star of the movie is not. However, Steinman did not believe. The mistress of the actor came in the transfer of “Andrey Malakhov. Live”, which airs on channel “Russia 1” to submit your story.

Friends and relatives Abdulov say that Larissa blatantly cheating the audience. The widow of the brother of the artist does not exclude: Alessandro loved beautiful women, but children on the side he does not.

Внебрачная дочь Александра Абдулова: «Я не знаю своего отца»

the elder brother of Larissa Andrew remembered, as Alexander confessed his love to her. Surrounded by artist say, that if he loved, then went on to all. During a relationship with a student Tanya he was even exposed veins.

“Why did you lie?” – asked Larissa’s friend Abdulov, Tatyana Polezhaykina.

According to Steinman, she doesn’t need the inheritance of the actor. The daughter of a journalist heard about his famous father recently. And the actor himself died, and not knowing about its existence.

The program showed Larissa’s daughter. Marie lives in Chuvash Republic, and she loves it. She remembers how it was filmed five years in the movie.

“I don’t know his father. I’ve never seen him, I have no pictures of him. Mom talked a lot about it,” said the girl.

Galina staheev, mother Larisa came to the shooting to protect her daughter. “Her bump,” said the woman.

Steinman was responsible for the scenes on the issues, passing the lie detector. Examiner Jeanne Strogonova appeared with the results of the study.

“Feelings from Larisa to Abdulov really was. It was for the birth of a child, but the responsibility and the initiative shifted to her shoulders. But the answer is “Yes” to the question “Is Abdulov genetically the father of her daughter?” – false” – said the expert.