«Буду петь, пока дышу»: испытания в судьбе Софии Ротару и любовь длиною в жизнь On the anniversary of a popularly favorite singer “StarHit” remember the most interesting facts from her biography. Sofia Rotaru — forever young owner of one of the most recognizable voices on the Russian stage. It’s been more than forty-five years since she first came on the scene, but love her no less.
«Буду петь, пока дышу»: испытания в судьбе Софии Ротару и любовь длиною в жизнь

The seventh of August Sofia Rotaru celebrates the 70th anniversary. Recognized by millions of listeners, the artist continues to perform, to please the audience while maintaining a flawless appearance. The singer admitted that the scene – the meaning of life, inspiration and strength that she draws every day thanks to the devoted admirers of her talent.

On the occasion of the anniversary artist of the Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a congratulatory telegram, which highlighted the exceptional quality darlings million and underlined its contribution to the culture.

“You are rightfully very, truly nation — wide love how bright, talented singer, a true pop star. As a sincere, charismatic, spiritually generous person, selflessly devoted to art, the stage, his many fans,” – said Vladimir Putin.

The repertoire of Sofia Mikhailovna has more than five hundred songs, she is a wonderful mother, mother-in-law and grandmother of two wonderful grandchildren.

Future people’s artist of the Soviet Union was born in the Ukraine, in the village of Marshyntsi, Chernivtsi oblast to a large family. Here all the singing. At family concerts in the house Rotaru often came neighbors. Listening to daughter, proud and touched by the father said, “Sonja is an artist”. A real love for the work of future star instilled an older sister, Zina, because of illness she lost her sight in early childhood, and the world of sounds became her only opportunity to feel this world. Zina listened to the receiver, remembered the song, and then sang them with my sister.

1971-the year of Sofia Rotaru believes the year of the beginning of his artistic career, although to go on stage she was much earlier, speaking at various events and competitions. A young singer with a rare voice and a luxurious appearance, is quickly becoming a nationwide favorite. Rotaru collects huge halls and stadiums. She applauded not only the residents of the Soviet Union and the socialist countries. About the incredible success of his songs Sofia Rotaru said:

“In my repertoire of songs of different genres, but almost always – dramatic plot, dramatic melody. Song for me – a little novel with its world of feelings, dramatic structure, characters”.

As before, and then, at the turn of the century, Sofia Rotaru and her popularity remained intact. For many years, the artist delighted the audience with their inimitable hits, constantly touring the country. In each of her performances fans brought armfuls of flowers.

The only time in her life Sofia Rotaru allowed himself to cancel concerts when from a stroke in October 2002, the year her husband died – Anatoly Evdokimenko, next to which the singer lived his life.

The singer is very grieved at the departure of a loved one, all my free time Rotaru spent in the cemetery, being on duty at the tomb of the deceased spouse. Relatives and friends do not know what is going on as Sofia Mikhailovna at that moment estranged from them. She refused many lucrative offers and began to lead a solitary life. Federal channels were invited Rotaru concerts, however, the woman did not want to speak. According to the sister Rotaru, Aurice, the son of singer Ruslan was able to convince her to return to the stage, for the sake of memory of Anatoly Evdokimenko.

Later the star admitted that her husband was everything to her and the Director and producer, and a friend. Rotaru still can not accept his departure. She says Anatoly often dream of her and another man in her life will be no more. Sofia Rotaru cannot come to terms with bereavement

«Буду петь, пока дышу»: испытания в судьбе Софии Ротару и любовь длиною в жизнь“He remains my one and only love. The feeling was mutual, and we were fortunate to live together for an amazing 35 years. Truly fertile years, the best in my life. I always say that Singh is the co – author of all my achievements. He was a wonderful husband and father. Now I miss him very much,” – said said in an interview.

After her husband’s death, Sophia has released an album called “the one”. Now she has another love – to the son of Ruslan and grandchildren Anatolia and Sofia, whom she adores.

“Now the most important man in my life is the son Ruslan was admitted Sofia Mikhailovna. – I am proud that he has a beautiful wife Svetlana, children Tolia and Sonia. Ruslan is well versed in music, everything that concerns the selection of repertoire and working in the Studio is his care. Here he is my first adviser and critic. He’s got a hobby – interior design. On it and his wife kept our family-run hotel in Yalta “Villa Sofia”. Daughter-in-law – my consultant keeps abreast of new products of perfumery, fashion trends. A family I love more than life.” Granddaughter Sofia Rotaru thanked the grandmother for the support

Iron and undoubted talent – this is the unique formula that created the legend by the name of Sofia Rotaru. And even now in her seventy years, she never ceases to impress, preserving not only an excellent professional form, but while remaining stunningly beautiful and eternally young woman.

The incredible appearance of Sofia Rotaru has generated a lot of speculation about the singer. Someone claims that the singer has undergone multiple plastic surgeries, someone- it’s all about genes and healthy lifestyle. She Rotaru reiterated that we just need to live in harmony with yourself and stay young at heart.

“I believe in the soul every woman she knows what she needs to be beautiful – said people’s artist. – The most versatile recipe is the internal harmony, which necessarily manifests itself in the appearance. And even then it’s useful to support treatments: massages, sports exercises, properly organized diet. I am convinced that inner beauty was given by nature to everyone. However, like everything else, it requires care and attention. I go to sauna, swim, do at the gym. Eat lots of fruits and veggies, less salt. But as a relaxation from my work in the garden or fishing. Long been convinced that fatigue, stress well to remove the nature: quiet evening near the campfire, listen to the birds in the forest, to gather mushrooms, to look into the night sky, to sit with a fishing rod”.

It is not excluded that helps Rotaru for many years to maintain the beauty of her kindness and attitude to people. Not by hearsay knowing that such trouble, the singer has always sought to support those who have fallen on hard times.

“Sofia Mikhailovna helps people quietly, without publicity, he told a family doctor Rotaru Svetlana Kuznetsova. – I know that regularly transfers money to orphanages, but the details I did not ask, she does not like to talk about it…”

For many years she helps the girl from Krivoy Rog, which is a congenital disease of the bones – they are very fragile and at the slightest load is broken, the child is almost unable to walk. The singer learned about her from a friend immediately handed over the money. Then the baby was only a few months, and since then, Rotaru secretly sent a certain amount to the girl’s mother. And when he retired, he gave orders for the assistants to transfer their pension trust – about $600 per month. Sofia Rotaru for many years lists his retirement terminally ill girl

Sofia Rotaru enjoys spending time with family. So your anniversary it will celebrate in the neighborhood of the closest people – son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. On the eve of holidays the whole family went to Sardinia, where today will honor my most beloved mother and grandmother, which they call just Sonia. Sofia Rotaru flew to celebrate the anniversary in Sardinia

“Sonia taught us how to enjoy the little things, – said the “StarHit” her granddaughter. – And to respect people, value sincerity and friendship. Also determination and hard work, the subtle sense of humor. We, in turn, trying to suggest something to help.”

In preparing the articles used material publications: “Neutral”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, Womanhit.