Илана Юрьева узнала, чем опасны тайские блюда
The star of “Ural dumplings”, which was recently vacationing in Thailand, had a tight to their health.

Photo: Maria Tiscover

The actress admitted that while
vacationing in Thailand, she always wanted to have. Ilana did not
noticed until then, until he discovered that she, with her perfect figure, appeared in the stomach. And all this despite the fact that she actively played sports, swam, went every day on foot. Finding such an unfortunate fact, St. George pondered — and decided to take a closer look at what she eats on vacation.

Ilana is a very long time has excluded from its menu, mayonnaise, fast foods, chips, excessive sweets, even sugar is replaced
honey. And, apparently, she ate only freshly cooked meat and seafood, a lot
greens and fruits…

“When I began to analyze why I am uncontrollably
fattening, I’ve found that Thais use
in food flavor enhancer, stimulating appetite, — said the actress. Probably
they do this not specifically to be feeding the tourists, but just did
accepted, as for us, it is customary to salt or pepper dishes”. But the fact remains: St. George
ate a lot, as ever — and brought home three kilos. Fortunately,
quick ways to regain the ideal weight, the actress knows a lot.

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