Игорь Золотовицкий поднял руку на сына The actor gave a candid interview to the magazine “One day”, which will show this Saturday. Igor zolotovitski admitted that once one of the heirs brought him out of himself. The actor shared details of the incident.

56-year-old honored artist of Russia Igor zolotovitski became the hero of the new edition of “One day” which will show NTV Saturday, March 10. Actor, teacher and rector of the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre will show viewers how usually passes his day. The head of one of the most prestigious theatrical institutions appear strict and demanding mentor, an achiever not only to control students, but also to look into the dining room, as well as to play in the play.

During the conversation with journalists the conversation will go and about the relationship of the stars with loved ones. Currently zolotovitski married to actress Faith Harebinoy, the couple have two children – Alexei and Alexander. The actor admitted that was the moment when he raised his hand to one of his sons.

“I used to beat their children, one. Alyosha. I hit him because he wore sneakers, when the street was much more snow than now, – said Igor Yakovlevich. I say, “There’s snow, wear normal shoes!”. “Leave me alone!” – “Wear normal shoes!” “Ve-ve!” – how gave! And he popped up, and I’m in the same – Ah-Ah-Ah! the mood got behind the wheel.”

After a while zolotovitski realized it was wrong and admitted his mistake before the heir. “I apologized for that hit. The son forgave me,” – said the rector of theatrical Institute.

In the new issue of television magazine Igor zolotovitski also remember student’s years and forced to work as a mechanic. Once the future rector of the School-Studio of MKHAT lived in the Dorm, and he recalls with a smile the times that shaped him as an artist. In addition, Igor Yakovlevich share his thoughts on the current graduates of theatrical schools and their own teaching methods.

In addition to the head of one of the leading institutes of the country on their own “Once” tells Nani Bregvadze. Famous singer tells about how he met with the father of her daughter Eka Mamaladze and remember about divorce, one of the main men in my life. In addition, celebrity fans will delight with stories about the millions of favorite songs and collaboration with the ensemble “Orera,” in which she worked for fifteen years.

Another hero of the program was the simultaneous interpreter Alexander Maltsev. The double world champion and Europe will remember how he started his career in the sport, and will reveal its secrets. Reporters also interviewed the legendary coach Tatiana Pokrovskaya and new partner Maltsev Maya Urbanrenewal.