Игорь Верник удивил провокационным снимком с невестой Бондарчука
The actor has let herself hugging Paulina Andreev.

Igor Vernik and Paulina Andreeva

Photo: @Instagram ivernik Igor Vernik

Igor Vernik has shared with your followers an amusing picture taken during a joint rehearsal with Paulina Andreeva. Working in the theater brings a lot of positive emotions not only to viewers but also the artists themselves. For example, sometimes during a rehearsal of the show the dancers can be enough to “fool around”.

On the published picture wernick jokingly took Andreeva for her “a place just below the back”. Posed shot amused his subscribers. “Well you went!” — they wrote. By the way, between wernick and groom Fyodor Bondarchuk long ago struck up a warm friendship. Igor and Paulina together in the performance “№13D”, which is the second theatrical season passes sold out.

Interestingly, some time ago, the Network appeared information about the fact that Bondarchuk is very possessive about such provocative actions of the beloved. Moreover, feydor even banned his beloved to appear in explicit scenes. For example, planned a piquant scene in the TV series “Sleeping”, one of the main roles played Paulina, was completely rewritten at the request of Theodore.