Igor Vernik was first admitted, with whom he lives

Игорь Верник впервые признался, с кем он живет
The actor said, what does evenings at home.

Игорь Верник впервые признался, с кем он живет

Igor Vernik’s son Gregory

Photo: @ivernik/Instagram

54-year-old Igor
Wernick, who prefers not to dwell on his personal life, for the first time
openly talked about, with whom he lives and spends his evenings. It turned out that
together with the famous actor lives his son Gregory, who in the end
Nov was 18 years old.

“Of course, he already lives an independent life, but we live
together. Geographically convenient to him, – said Igor. – Man is
sotovarischestvo. Last night I staggered home, and the first thing he said to me:
“Dad, we’re doing the study. Two people on the train one important to sleep, and
another comes, and starts eating the chicken and so on. And how here it?” And we
hour fantasizing, joking, joking, laughing. Then he began to collect
things, pillow, blanket. And I said, “You let another chicken my take.” He did
in the school-Studio of MKHAT. It passed in a few institutions, but he wanted
The Moscow art theater to learn. I in no way pressed. Of course, at some point knew the reaction, and
I was told by the teachers to relax.”

Igor Vernik with brother Vadim

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Also wernick talked about why he from childhood easily
coexists with another man: he has
twin brother Vadim, he is the editor of a famous magazine.

“I was born from no one. And used to be divided into two, –
Igor says. Even whatever I decide to do with my brother. I mean
Vadik, my brother, with whom I have a difference of 15 minutes. And therefore the most difficult
in my life – it really is a choice if it’s certainly not for
the fundamental things.”