Igor Petrenko secretly married for the third time

Игорь Петренко тайно женился в третий раз
Christina Brodskaya was the lawful wife of the actor.

Igor Petrenko with his wife Christine Brodsky and daughter, Sophia Caroline

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Igor Petrenko in the third tied the knot. The actor took to wife, Kristina Brody, gave him another year and a half ago to a daughter Sophia-Carolina. The couple managed to conduct and the registration and the meal after her without the presence of the paparazzi and Intrusive outsiders. the Couple decided not to have noisy wedding and arranged a modest feast only for the closest friends and relatives.

That Igor and Kristina became husband and wife first thought of visitors of festival “Eurasian bridge”, the couple noticed the same ring on the ring finger. Incidentally, the opening ceremony was attended little heiress Petrenko. However, a large number of the audience was a little confused, Sofia, Carolina, and she at some point began to cry. However, caring parents were able to quickly soothe your baby.

By the way, it was not the first appearance of a daughter of Igor on the stage. In the past not so long ago the festival “Constellation” during the presentation of the honorary award, the girl ran “”after his dad.

Recall that in 2014, Petrenko divorced Ekaterina Klimova, who bore him two sons — Matthew and Corneille.