Igor Petrenko saved a man from blood loss

Игорь Петренко спас друга от потери крови The famous actor did not panic in an emergency situation and came to the aid of someone. Friends of Igor Petrenko recalled that in his childhood he was in constant mischief. In school, the future artist disturbed classmates to learn.
Игорь Петренко спас друга от потери крови

Last week on “the First channel” took place the premiere of the series “Sleeping”, in which Igor Petrenko played a FSB officer, the serious and brutal. To fulfill this role, the actor had to work hard, because in life it is absolutely different.

Charming hooligan – this is about star’s childhood friends and high school buddies. In adolescence Igor Petrenko was engaged in sports gymnastics, Sambo-wrestling and judo, but not study. It does not scare even the fact that the mother, Tatiana, was an English teacher in the same school №990 of the Metropolitan area of Orekhovo-Borisovo. It would seem, under the supervision Petrenko was supposed to behave, but, as recognized by his friends, he was always mischief.

On the positive

Игорь Петренко спас друга от потери крови

“We with Igor were sitting at the same Desk, recalls classmate Julia Chernova. – In sixth grade he came to us from another school. Homeroom teacher immediately realized that the guy is not diligent, and instructed me to take patronage over him. Because I am a good student. But where there!

Is Petrenko me affected, and not positively. Constantly distracted, liked to gag, for example, several times per minute in different voices repeating “Hello”. Asked: “Igor, leave me alone!” And he laughed in response… that is how he is remembered – with a smile from ear to ear positive. I begged the teacher, saying, transplant, and in response only heard simply: “Julia, we must be patient”. He had compassion only after a while and sent Igor on the back. Losers Petrenko was studied at four rarely received three. For them it is not abused – perhaps the teachers couldn’t bring ourselves to chastise such a charismatic guy.

Classmates we were, just a year after he transferred to a nearby school abruptly and for no reason. Now when I see how Igor plays a major role – for example, a major riot in the movie “Retiree-2: do not throw Their” I can’t believe this is the same boy who sat next: is it able to coexist?”


Игорь Петренко спас друга от потери крови

About the dislike Petrenko to school and tells buddy Nicholas Gerasev: “In school, we rarely crossed paths, I’m a year older. But lived nearby, so met in the yard. Loved walks together. Sometimes, Igor was not allowed, often because of unfinished homework. Behind him always kept a sharp eye father Peter Vladimirovich – achievers and even physical form.

Игорь Петренко спас друга от потери кровиRemember when Harry went outside, first push-UPS 20 times, on the bar doing 20 pull-UPS, 10 lunges with a coup. But dad controlled the whole process from the window, and cheered, saying, come, not a freebie, more. Like all boys, he loved to drive in football. Petrenko could play both as a striker and goalkeeper. Often misbehaved: they burned poplar fluff, made Darts out of nails and pigeon feathers, and then metal them to the tree.

One day, Igor’s father took us fishing, we found the medical vials and threw them in the fire, they explode: the roar stood the terrible. During this terrible scolding received from Peter Vladimirovich! Managed to catch only some trifle, I decided to give catch cats in the yard – sorry, starving. On Petrenko always be relied upon, as they say: “Not afraid in the exploration to go.” I remember once riding with metal slides, one iron sheet was unbent, and on its edge I cut the tendons hand. Blood… I was confused, and Igor first too, but quickly took himself in hand, started to command: so, come on, hold on, let’s go home take. As adults, we have less contact Igor tried to be friends with older guys, they have formed their own company. Heard that it ended badly, and Petrenko ended up in prison, but, more importantly, nothing happened, and life had worked out for the best”.