Игорь Петренко часто ругается со своей супругой
The other day a famous actor Igor Petrenko celebrated the anniversary, he was 40 years old.

Игорь Петренко часто ругается со своей супругой

This year for men was pretty successful, on the screens out the 2 movie and the series. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva decided to explore the life code of the actor and predict his future.

“The life code of the actor says that he has tremendous charisma, a great friend and loved by everyone. But his problem is that he is proud, overly ambitious, all the time doubting yourself and the whole shrouded in fear and doubt that life pulled him back.

It will be lucky in the financial sector, it will soon become the owner of his own luxury real estate. But the family can start a quarrel. His wife, like himself, very ambitious and proud. Christine, according to her code – 3252810 is a difficult character, because of what the family often happen scandals – including from-for jealousy. But they complement each other: Brodskaya feeds her husband’s energy, which he lacks. Also, she brings her famous husband luck”, says Kuzenbaeva.

Congratulations actor happy birthday!

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