Igor Petrenko for the first time showed the youngest daughter

Игорь Петренко впервые показал младшую дочь
The actor with the whole family visited the opening of an art exhibition.

Igor with his wife Christine Brodsky and daughters

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Igor Petrenko and his wife, actress Christine Brody, the first time came out with 10-month-old daughter, whose name they still do not call. And it’s a mystery not only for fans but also for fairly close friends of the couple. Together with the baby and her older sister, Sophia Carolina, which is about to celebrate three years, the couple visited an art exhibition in the center of Moscow.

“Despite the fact that on such occasions crowded and noisy, my daughter feels comfortable, — says the actor. — She did not hesitate, all smiles and with interest involved in what is happening”. The eldest daughter Petrenko from an early age used to be with parents at receptions, premieres and awards ceremonies. When she was a year and a half, Igor and Christina took her with him to the film festival “Constellation” in eagle and later in the same year, and the festival in Yalta. In her almost three years, the girl toured more than ten cities. According to Igor, to the secular life of the daughter accustomed from the cradle because he and his wife often refuse the services of the nanny and take the girls with me when I travel around the country.