Igor Petrenko and Christina Brody secretly got married?

Игорь Петренко и Кристина Бродская тайно поженились? The actor appeared in the film “White square” with his chosen, which was presented to all as a wife. Friends of the pair have suggested that the couple intends to get married or already managed secretly to make the relationship.

      Игорь Петренко и Кристина Бродская тайно поженились?

      Actor Igor Petrenko do not often appear at social events. The star, who played in the film “Driver for Vera”, honored with his presence the ceremony cinema award “White square”. Igor was accompanied by Christine Brody, with whom he struck up a romance in 2014.

      All evening the lovers stayed together and didn’t hesitate to pose for photographers. According to eyewitnesses, when meeting with friends and acquaintances actor was represented by Christina as a wife. Surrounded by lovers believe that they could secretly get married or just planning the wedding. Igor made a proposal to his sweetheart in March of this year. According to his father Peter, the man announced his intentions publicly, in front of friends, and gave beloved a beautiful ring. But Christina did not give a definitive answer, despite the efforts of Petrenko.

      Recall that the relationship Petrenko and Brodsky developed very rapidly. In that time the actress met with Artem Krylov, they even planned to get married. Igor’s heart, too, was not free: he lived with actress Ekaterina Klimova. However, the marriage of a star has collapsed. His wife and sons went to a flat in Moscow, and he left to seek his fortune.

      In the winter of 2014 the actor was preparing to become a father: his new fiancee Christina were expecting a girl. My daughter was born in St. Petersburg for the New year in 2014, she was named Sophie-Caroline. Brodskaya believes the advent of a child “Christmas gift”.

      Christina told me that the baby took all the best from parents. “It is very similar to me because like my dad. And we both Mazeroski, and both were born in the year of the Horse,” said Brodsky in an interview. According to Igor Petrenko, with the advent of a daughter he found happiness. Prior to this, star cinema differed changeable behavior. “I realize that I live simultaneously with boring dolt. Sometimes I was attacked some accuracy, even with brute force. And then the mood changes, and I want a saber to open champagne and to bestow all the attention and gifts” – shared with journalists the actor.

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