Igor Nikolaev’s daughter, is growing its copy

Дочь Игоря Николаева растет его копией Fans noted that little Veronica is like her father. Julia Proskuryakova has published a new photo of the successor. Fans were delighted with the picture of the baby and was assured that she inherited the traits of Igor Nikolaev.

      Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova a daughter Veronica, who is now a year and a half. Recently, celebrities have ceased to hide the face of the heiress. The followers was in awe of the fact that we can now draw conclusions on who is more like a baby: mom or dad. Julia posted a photo of Veronica in profile. Fans immediately determined that the girl is a copy of a famous father.

      “Like daddy”, “Cocoloco marusenka, but it seems to me, in profile – just like your daddy. Yes, and whoever was like, will still grow pretty and talented in his legendary father and talented beautiful mother. God bless you Veronika,” wrote the loyal fans of the singer.

      Not so long ago she shared on Twitter by the wife with the baby on hands. She made it clear that her family – the most precious thing in the world. “My favorite,” wrote Proskuryakova.

      The singer is happy to talk to fans about what is happening with the child. She tells of the difficulties faced in the education of Babes, and fans, in turn, report its decision any matters with children, and also thank the young mother for the useful tips.

      Fans constantly admire a family idyll and Proskuryakova Nikolaev, and therefore often ask whether they plan to have another child. To some fans, this issue does not rest so much that they even imagining that Julia is pregnant. If Proskuryakova wears a shift dress, some people think that the singer hides a rounded tummy. Initially, the actress tried to ignore the rumors, but over time they became so numerous that the wife of Nikolaev decided not to remain silent.

      “I’m not pregnant! Not pregnant! Don’t know how else to say it! I don’t understand why all the time I can only attribute the pregnancy,” protested the artist.

      Not long ago, Julia admitted that her daughter was born prematurely, but because the girl had no sucking reflex. Proskuryakov was desperate because she had to feed more often, so that she gained normal weight. Julia Proskuryakova gives advice to mothers of premature infants

      “In these twitchy feelings in the struggle for weight, and then another, with colic and allergies to food from Veronica, as well as with secondary lactase deficiency we have lived up to six months. And on the next reception at our Dina (doctor of Jurmala), I learned that many children fall short to the perfect weight and height — and there is nothing to worry,” said the singer.